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Our daughter received Confirmation & First Holy Communion at the same Mass. A tremendous blessing.

“Bishop James Wall of the Diocese of Gallup has announced in a pastoral letter the restoration of the order of the sacraments of initiation in his diocesan territory, making it the 13th U.S. diocese to do so.*

Once the new policy is implemented, children will receive Confirmation and First Holy Communion in the same Mass, at around the age of 7 or 8.

“Receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation long after the reception of Holy Communion, tends to weaken the understanding of the bond and relationship that the Sacraments of Initiation have with one another,” Bishop Wall wrote in his Feb. 11 pastoral letter The Gift of the Father.”


What does God do when those entrusted to leading souls to

Himself become themselves a blockade? Every. single. time.

“Mueller’s strongest point in the Manifesto is the reminder that the true mission of the Church is the salvation of souls. The reality of Hell and eternal damnation for souls who die in mortal sin is something that we rarely hear about from the pulpit. The impression many shepherds give today is that they worry a lot about trying to perfect the social order in this world, and very little about the loss of souls in the next.

Mueller is very pointed on this:

Every human being has an immortal soul, which in death is separated from the body, hoping for the resurrection of the dead (CCC 366). Death makes man’s decision for or against God definite. Everyone has to face the particular judgment immediately after death (CCC 1021). Either a purification is necessary, or man goes directly into heavenly bliss and is allowed to see God face to face. There is also the dreadful possibility that a person will remain opposed to God to the very end, and by definitely refusing His Love, “condemns himself immediately and forever” (CCC 1022). “God created us without us, but He did not want to save us without us” (CCC 1847). The eternity of the punishment of hell is a terrible reality, which – according to the testimony of Holy Scripture – attracts all who “die in the state of mortal sin” (CCC 1035).

Cardinal Mueller simply states here and at other points in his Manifesto what was until recently a commonplace and taken for granted by all Catholics, from the pope to the humblest believer in his local parish. Yet now he is accused of being a new Martin Luther by his fellow German cardinal, Walter Kasper (which is strange, given Kasper’s affinity for Luther).”


Story developing….

“RCF’s Stephen Brady commented on the bishop’s new apology to Church Militant, saying in an email Friday, “As I read the first couple sentences of the letter, I gained some respect for the bishop. But as I read on I realized we still had some issues, and I asked him for a meeting.”

“What puzzles me,” Brady explained, “is he sent three rather nasty letters one right after the other. … A day later came the apology. I wonder what motivated him to take such action.”

Brady remarked to Church Militant, “No bishop has ever sent me such nasty letters, and no bishop has ever sent me a letter of apology.”


Is this the Ambrosian Prelate?

“Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, tweeted that prelates who “supported, promoted and are affiliated with “evil” disgraced ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick must be called to account for their actions.

On Monday, tweeting in reference to a 2004 television interview in which McCarrick condemned sexual abuse, Bishop Strickland wrote: “This despicable video is from 2004. All who supported, promoted and are affiliated with this evil man need to be called to accountability. Pray that the recent Summit will take these concrete steps and pray for the victims.”


An excellent quote to reflect on. Liars, what to do with them, how to recognize them. What is truth? How to recognize truth.

“Asked in 2004 whether there is a “special place in hell” for clerical sex abusers, the now disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick said: “There is certainly a special, terrible judgment on someone who would abuse the trust that a priest must have.”

McCarrick told Meet the Press host Tim Russert, “It’s part of our religion that a priest is supposed to be father, brother, friend and guide. And if it’s destroyed, if it is destroyed with young people, with children, it becomes all the more horrible.”


A true shepherd.

“Although issued Feb. 14, it’s appropriate for anytime of the year. Here is how his (Bp Strickland) reflection begins:

“In the year 2019, we live in a world that’s off-kilter. One of the deepest roots of the present chaos is the lack of willingness to embrace Glorious Chastity. I specifically use the word “glorious” because I believe it is God’s plan that obedience to His will with regard to this virtue is a key that will unlock God’s wondrous plan for every individual person and for all of humanity. Rather than Glorious Chastity, the prevailing reality in today’s world is Devastating Sex. Once again, I specifically use a word as strong as “devastating” because it describes what has happened to this very human faculty which has been dehumanized in so many ways. Rather than living Glorious Chastity according to God’s Divine Will for His children, the vast majority of the human family is caught up in Devastating Sex, which constantly wreaks havoc in the lives of the children of God.”


Quite easy to see who is implicated.

Why do you think the crisis of faith, upholding moral doctrine, reforming the appointment of bishops and mechanisms that allowed McCarrick to happen were not discussed? 

Discussing the problem of homosexuality would have become dangerous for them, because it’s evident there is a network of homosexuals within the Vatican. That’s the problem, there’s no question.”


“We didn’t learn who was in league with him, what other bishops went to the beach house or attended other sex gatherings with him and frightened seminarians. And we didn’t learn anything about the McCarrick question because his case was not really on the agenda.

And it wasn’t really on the agenda because those who set the agenda, his proteges, didn’t want to be discovered themselves. Those allies of his, those whose careers he advanced and so forth, those people want the McCarrick file sealed shut and destroyed.” https://www.churchmilitant.com/video/episode/vortex-what-did-we-learn?mc_cid=8b4ad059b1&mc_eid=dc102b5014

“Instead, he was allowed to be ordained in 1986, and for the better part of his career plagiarized at will in speeches, papers and articles — the most recent example discovered going back to at least 1990. He later came on to the international stage and gained notoriety for being the organizer of the 2002 World Youth Day.

There he ran up massive debt that had to be paid off by all the dioceses of Canada. Rosica blamed the lower-than-expected attendance on 9/11.

He managed to parlay his exposure from that World Youth Day into getting financial support, largely from one elderly wealthy Italian businessman in Canada, to found Salt + Light TV, which airs across that country. Salt + Light, while largely ignored for its poor production and bland content, nevertheless became another tool in Rosica’s drawer to advance himself and modernist theology all over Canada.”


Lifesite has embedded links to document Rosica’s cheating ways. Personnel determines policy. Watch Francis’ men, don’t listen to his lips.

“She was much more concerned about the third column, an article in which Rosica had plagiarized a sentence from a New York Times book review by Michiko Kakutani and part of a sentence by E.J. Dionne in an article about Pope Francis in the Washington Post.

Rosica has apologized for plagiarism while simultaneously explaining to the National Post that his misappropriation of others’ work could be attributed to his reliance on his Salt + Light interns and on poor note-taking. He told Stead that he was “unsure” as to how he came across Kakutani’s words, saying that they were “perhaps sent by others who know that I was writing frequently on Pope Francis.”

Stead informed readers that proper attributions had been added to all three of Rosica’s columns.

“Globe and Mail editors say they will not use his writings in the future,” she added.”