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“In addition to the allegations aired by Fr. Cowan, the Gaylord Diocesan Watch said that his “situation is only one of several cases our group is researching at this time.” The group anticipates presenting “information about other egregious violations of sex-abuse rules and regulations by Bishop Raica.” Moreover, the group said that the bishop has stonewalled them for at least two years and has refused to rectify “obvious scandals.”
According to Dr. Dubavec of Gaylord Diocesan Watch, the first canon law expert Fr. Cowan consulted regarding his case was Fr. Edwin Dwyer JCL, a young priest of the neighboring Diocese of Saginaw. Fr. Dwyer was removed from his parish on Jan. 30 by Bishop Walter Hurley, ostensibly because he introduced elements of the Mass that are considered traditional. Dr. Dubravec wondered, in his interview with LifeSiteNews, whether it was coincidental that two young priests of a traditional outlook were removed at nearly the same time.

The Gaylord Diocesan Watch issued a statement on Friday that Bishop Raica has refused to meet with members of the group. According to the group, a diocesan spokesperson told them that a meeting with the bishop is not necessary because of the Michigan attorney general’s ongoing investigation into diocesan policies and possible cover-ups of abuser priests.”


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