Laity Response

“Like many of you, I feel awkward in this new role of loyal agitator,” Msgr. Pope wrote. “It should not be this way, but it has become necessary in a pontificate of weaponized ambiguity and often stubborn refusal to listen.”

“Many are compelled to speak out and express rightful anger,” the priest blogger said, and the October 6 Vatican communiqué is “great progress” – if the promised thorough investigation comes to fruition.

But Catholic laity and clergy must continue in both righteous anger and in pushing for reform.”

“Don’t be intimidated,” she advised. “The Church has been abused by its pastors. The Church does not equal the hierarchy!”

“Speak up! The role of the laity is not to be passive, to ‘stay, pray and obey.’ … If you know a priest who is living a double life, go to the bishop,” she said. And if that does not work, she added, “There are other means,” but she did not specify.