Laity Response  

“We have defended the Church, sacrificed for her, proclaimed and lived the faith at great cost, raised our children to know and love the Church as Mother, and now find ourselves betrayed by men who claimed the name of Jesus but were commanded by the Enemy. We cannot, we will not, allow ourselves to fall into the abyss to which the understandable fear, suspicion, hurt and anger we feel ultimately leads. We will stay and fight for our Mother, our home, our path to salvation. We will fight for holiness and justice. We will stay to fight for the protection of the innocent. And we will pray; pray for the survivors, for those with shaken faith, for the purification of our Mother, the Church.”

I have found CM to be more right than not. Added to the fact that they are truly independent, unlike most Catholic media. “First of all, Church Militant are notoriously inflammatory. They’re sensationalist and it is right to take what they say with a pinch of salt.” 

“On Monday, the Baltimore archdiocese announced that the attorney general would be investigating clerical sex abuse in the archdiocese. This makes Maryland the 10th state to have an attorney general investigate the Catholic Church for the sex abuse cover-up scandal.
In a letter on the same day, Abp. William Lori told clergy that the archdiocese had been in communication with the attorney general and planned to comply with the investigation.” 

“These guys, these bishops, most especially the Bishop of Rome, are behaving like they can get away with this forever. By covering their own backsides, they are leaving the Church vulnerable to state interference. The day is going to come when the fed-up Catholic laity cheer for the state taking away rights of self-government from the Catholic Church. Do not for one moment believe that the state will limit its power grab only to the Romans. In post-Christian America, more and more people will see religion as a threat.

When that awful day comes, let us remember Cardinal McCarrick, Cardinal Wuerl, and all these bishops over all these decades who, by their own self-serving, corrupt behavior, laid the groundwork for that winter.” on September 1, 2018, 9:06 AM Rod Dreher

“The question for Catholic laity is not whether you will be involved; it’s how you will be involved. The three most effective things we can do to become Mary’s Heel in this day of great travail is pray the Rosary, pray the Rosary, pray the Rosary. 

Activism will look different for different people: some may be involved in the actual investigation of local churches and dioceses; others will write letters demanding that certain bishops and cardinals resign; some will lead a movement to withhold financial support for corrupt dioceses; others may be involved in Catholic media, offering opinion and keeping the faithful abreast of breaking news; some will lead, or take part in, protests and demonstrations; some will offer testimony that will expose wickedness in high places.”