Laity Response

“Did these men use the grant-making power of the Papal Foundation to curry favor and buy protection from Vatican officials? Did they enable the misappropriation of the Foundation’s charitable grants? The only way to answer these questions is with an independent investigation of the Papal Foundation, along with a forensic accounting of its past grants.

Such an investigation would not face canonical impediments or infringe upon the proper authority of bishops over their dioceses. The Papal Foundation is not an ecclesiastical entity, but an ordinary 501(c)(3) religious non-profit. No permission from Rome is necessary. The Foundation’s board could commission an investigation with a simple vote. If the Foundation does not authorize its own independent investigation, it may nonetheless find itself facing one from state or federal authorities.”

“The question is whether or not state or federal investigators will get involved with the Papal Foundation to see how its money was spent. Was it a McCarrick slush fund used to buy him influence in Rome? It would be interesting to know. Read the whole thing.(First Things)

I’m telling you: Ted McCarrick is the nexus of gay sex and money at the pinnacle of the Catholic Church.”

I have a question. How do you prevent money meant for charity being diverted to other projects? The Papal Foundation Scandal comes immediately to mind.

“Starve the parishes/diocese/Papacy of money until a full and honest investigation is undertaken and rogue leaders and priests are fired and/or prosecuted.

Funds for charity and the poor will continue.”

The only way to get the information needed. What was shredded?

“This is the second surprise raid on Saginaw diocesan property this year, the first one conducted in March by the local prosecutor, which turned up, among other things, bags of shredded documents.”

“Later in the interview, Fradd said about the sex abuse scandal, “We tried not holding our priests’ and bishops’ feet to the fire last time around, didn’t we?”

He added that it took investigative work from “The Boston Globe and others” for bishops to feel the pressure to try to address the sex abuse scandal.

Voris commented on how the sex abuse crisis in 2002 eventually led to the establishment of lay abuse prevention training programs, such as the VIRTUS program. “It wasn’t the laity raping altar boys and getting kids drunk in rectories and assaulting them,” Voris said. “Why are the laity involved in this?”

“Quoting a professor from his student days, Hahn said that the culture would be transformed “if Catholics simply lived out the sacrament of matrimony.”

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