Laity Response

Reading very slowly Windswept Houseby Malachi Martin. Expose all of it.

“Since the McCarrick news broke this summer, I’ve had five Catholics approach me to apologize for having said or thought nasty things about me for having left the Catholic Church over all this back in 2006. They’ve all told me that they assumed back then that I was overreacting; now, after what has come out this year, they know that I was telling the truth. I’m grateful for these honorable mea culpas, but they puzzle me a bit, because I’m pretty sure that most of what’s come out this summer and fall was known a decade ago. Right?”

“It is also undeniably true that a lot of people back then simply could not imagine that the truth was as bad as all that. I hold the late Father Neuhaus more responsible than most, precisely because he was such an insider, and ought to have known better. His insider status, though, and his vanity, blinded him to the ugly reality of the scandal. Like Podles, I personally felt the lash of his tongue for the things I wrote about the Church and clerical sex abuse.”

““But it tells the truth. Catholics and others need to know these things — that these crimes happened, and that men of God covered them up for decades. It is very easy to treat these horrors as an abstraction, because it is extremely painful to come to terms with the barbarism and perversity within the Church. Leon Podles doesn’t flinch in describing exactly what these monsters did. Reading Sacrilege is like watching an exorcism up close and personal. I did not have the strength to get through it a decade ago. I don’t know if I have the strength today. But this book should be in print again, as a witness and a warning.” 23, 2018

“Tolkien’s story beautifully illustrates that God chooses the flawed, the foolish, and the little ones to accomplish the greatest of feats and that we need only trust in Him to bring us out of the darkness.

The other side of the coin must be addressed: Providence rescued Middle Earth in Tolkien’s story, but even the smallest sins were not without consequence, and though several characters who fell were able to repent and find redemption, they still had to face the consequences of their sins. They still had to suffer and make reparation for even the smallest compromises with evil, which always snowballed into bigger ones. In the end, each character had to hope against hope that somehow, things would turn out right, and it is this hope that is so crucial for us here and now.”

I appreciate the move but why do the Feds think the bishops will follow this order? The bishops (not all but enough) ignore God’s will what makes you think they will obey man’s? “The federal government is ordering every U.S. bishop to preserve documents related to clerical sex abuse. The move signals the possibility of a much wider federal criminal probe into the Catholic Church than is currently taking place.”

“Have we forgotten that we are mortal men and women, and we too will have to die?

Have we forgotten that, despite that very real fact of our inevitable mortality, we have the opportunity — the grace! — before we die, to stand up and speak our truth without fear, as Christ did.

Apparently, we needed to be reminded of this — that speaking the truth with courage is our heritage and sacred duty, not something alien and strange to us.

This is what Vigano, by speaking out, has done for us.

This is his greatness, which is really such an ordinary thing.

He is showing us the way to speak up, to end a culture of silence and death in the Church, to begin, very humbly but firmly, to replace that oppressive, sinful, enslaving culture with a culture of life and truth.

And that means making some noise.”

Perhaps a future narrative.

“Let us remember the time, not so long ago, when marriage was a meaningless piece of paper, easily voided. When most children grew up not knowing their fathers. When the scourge of usury defined our financial systems. When people were all empty individuals, living in a community where no one even knew his next-door neighbors. When the schools tried to sexualize our children, and faithful schools became too onerous for the average working-class believer. Most of all, let us remember when faithful Catholics had to wonder if their Holy Father even believed.”

“The CBS national news magazine 60 Minutes aired their interview with Malone’s secretary-turned-whistleblower, Siobhan O’Connor, who helped expose multiple cover-ups of clerical sex abuse carried out under Malone. On Sunday, O’Connor told 60 Minutes she had to do it.”

“the New York Times reported that the U.S. Justice Department had “sent a sweeping request to every Roman Catholic diocese in the United States not to destroy documents related to the handling of child sexual abuse, a sign that the federal investigation into the church could grow far more extensive.”

Every U.S. Cardinal sits on the Papal Foundation.

“Racine made clear his investigation will include not only archdiocesan activity but also criminal activity of non-profits within the District of Columbia’s jurisdiction.

Both Wuerl and his predecessor, disgraced prelate Theodore McCarrick, are implicated in corrupt financial dealings involving the Vatican via the Papal Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit that voted to funnel $25 million to the Vatican to use toward a scandal-ridden Rome hospital investigated for embezzling nearly 1 billion euros.”

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