Laity Response

One Man’s Open Letter to the Canadian Bishops

“We are now very informed, outraged and concerned about our Church and our people — seemingly more so than you.”

The exorcist called for Catholic faithful to root out evil with prayer, fasting, and a lay commission to conduct an independent investigation of abuse allegations”


It cannot be just a ‘Church investigation ‘ either. RICO

“It can’t just be the removal of a few. It has to be a complete reshaping of the paradigm of the way our Church governs; we need a complete cleaning up. We need a lay commission to set up an independent study. The bishops can’t do it; they don’t know how to do it,” he said.”

I think the hierarchy hopes this massive massive scandal will die down. Mistaken. RICO.

“For many of the laity, Cdl. Cupich’s arrogantly blasé attempt to evade the issues Viganò raises tends to confirm that his revelations are true.”

“Years ago, facts thoroughly verified discussed and acted upon by the Pope, and other responsible Church officials, forced us to do so. Lawsuits forced us to accept the fact that large sums donated toward the Church’s work of salvation were used instead covertly to buy the silence of victims and their families; or openly pay damages to them, as determined by lawsuits and other legal proceedings.” Alan Keyes

Note what it takes to effect change in the Church at this time. “One of them said he decided to speak with the Sun-Times because so many Catholics “are hurting,” the cardinal’s remarks were so “non-pastoral,” and “the people of God need to know that their seminarians care” and “aren’t going to repeat the mistakes of the past — not only not repeat them but have them cleaned up.”

NB: I have followed Mosher for years. I have a rosary made by the underground-persecuted Catholic Church that Mosher obtained. Our family, for years, has prayed for the conversion of China.

“Mosher explained that if a bishop or priest is “not living the Faith with regards to personal morality, he will want to duck that question and segway off into unchallenging talk … which puts no demands on his conscience or own personal behavior.”

He said Cdl. Blase Cupich’s recent statement about “not going to go down a rabbit hole,” is an example of a desperate attempt to change the subject away from personal morality because of internal conflicts. “

 It’s the optics, ya’ know.

“Mothers with young families continue to protest outside Cdl. Joseph Tobin’s chancery, hoping for a canonical investigation into the New Jersey prelate’s potential crimes related to sex abuse cover-up.

A group of parents, joined by others, has been protesting outside of the archdiocese of Newark’s cathedral on a regular basis. The group, Rebuild My Church: NJ Catholics Against Sexual Abuse, is demanding an independent investigation into civil and ecclesiastical crimes committed in the archdiocese. “