Pope Francis

“As such, we are to hold the papacy in the highest regard, with loyalty and deference. We are to have an attitude of deference and obedience. But such a loyalty to the office of the pope does not mean that we abandon our intelligence and knowledge of the truth. If we see a pope contradict the clear teaching of the Church, or to lead pastorally in the wrong direction, it does not mean we follow along blindly as with a Pied Piper. We are to always give deference to his words and actions, with an effort to see and understand them in a positive way, but if that becomes impossible then respectably disagreeing is not a sin.” https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2018/12/04/new-book-clarifies-beliefs-and-corrects-misunderstandings-about-the-papacy/

Remember a year ago the wailing and gnashing of teeth about Trump moving embassy to Jerusalem? The guaranteed Arab violent uprising. A link to a typical ‘news’ article is provided for your ease. This Jewish writer has the right set of lenses on in regards to Francis.

“There, with all due respect, the Pope acted like a typical politician. The Pope’s approach to the Middle East is deprived of a sense of responsibility towards history; instead, he related only to the immediate consensus — the anti-Israel narrative, and paying homage to the so-called “Palestinian cause.”

Wouldn’t it have been better for him to veer towards a path as magnificent and historic as Pope John XXIII’s ban on anti-Semitism, or Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Western Wall, with his subsequent recognition of the State of Israel? Why not, on this occasion, didn’t he ask Abbas to embark on a real move towards reconciliation by recognizing the right of Jews to their state and their millennial capital?”





Follow the money. The depth of depravity must be exposed and purged.

“In the above story it was concluded that Oscar appears to be in charge of a slush fund financed by George Soros, which is intended to be used for purposes Oscar sees fit, which may include financing of a ‘Catholic Spring.'”

“While that story was the result of an independent investigation by this writer it does seem that the Vatican’s Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, Cardinal George Pell, may have uncovered the existence of similar financial structures, even if he did not quite understand what it is he had uncovered.”

In late 2014 Pell announced that he had ‘discovered that … some hundreds of millions of euros were tucked away in particular sectional accounts (of departments within the Vatican ) and did not appear on the Vatican’s balance sheet.’


BXVI another excellent post from someone who is not a Francis the Merciful fan.

“The reality is, there are some who simply are not prepared to suffer under Pope Francis. While this writer is not fond of the current pontiff, he has no hesitation in affirming absolutely that he is pope, even though the same writer does not view his papacy as favorable to the Church, to put it mildly. But given the state of so many Catholics in their moral and spiritual lives, and the unhealthy attention accorded to every papal act, it seems that he is the pope we deserve.” https://onepeterfive.com/benevacantists/

What is the telos? It is not death penalty per se but any doctrine inconvenient to the age. How about contraception, divorce, any of the teachings on sexuality. The massive change on the death penalty is a test case. “If 2000 years of popes can be wrong about capital punishment — as Pope Francis implies — why should we not conclude instead that it is Pope Francis himself, rather than they, who has gotten things wrong?” https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/sawing-off-the-branch-on-which-he-sits-experts-question-francis-attack-on-p

“Are you a Catholic tempted to tear out your hair and say: “Wait a minute, if the pope can’t be trusted, who can?” There is a way out of this perplexing situation. It involves admitting forthrightly, as most Catholics in history would readily have done, that the pope is not above the law, not above tradition, not above the theological witness of the Fathers and Doctors, but in communion with them and, in a sense, subordinate to them. Therefore, one may always be confident believing and teaching what has been held “by everyone, always, and everywhere” prior to this time of confusion.” https://abyssum.org/October 12, 2018

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