Pope Francis

“The Pope also mentioned dialogue – the premise of gift – that, he said, creates possibilities for human growth and development capable of breaking through established ways of exercising power in society.

Well, that doesn’t get us much further, does it? It’s the same word-salad, without any explanation. Maybe Vatican News couldn’t make heads or tails of the sentence, either. I couldn’t blame them.

In the end I decided to include the sentence, verbatim, in our CWN news story, and let readers wrestle with it for themselves. That was a coward’s choice, I admit. But there are days – and yesterday was one of them – when I just don’t have the energy or the inclination to keep offering rational explanations of statements that don’t bear rational scrutiny.”


“Both Bishop Zanchetta and Msgr. Ricca have been charged with abusing their offices and with sexual misconduct. Yet Pope Francis has found jobs for them at the Vatican – and not just any jobs, but jobs in which they are responsible for detecting misconduct by other Church officials.

Let me put it plainly: Both were obvious potential targets for blackmail. And they were put in positions where they might have ample opportunity to blackmail others.”


The choice to know is yours.

“In 2017, OnePeterFive published a three-part series examining all the support that Pope Francis has received from Freemasons around the world since his election. At the time, we presented a compilation of 62 examples of public support from various Freemasonic figures or lodges for the 266th pope — an almost impossible thing to imagine happening less than a century ago.

Today, from the Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli, we present a new example from the Masons of the Grand Orient Lodge of Spain, who have praised Francis for his Christmas message, in which he expressed “a wish for fraternity” among “individuals of every nation and culture,” among “people with different ideas, yet capable of respecting and listening to one another,” and “among persons of different religions.”

This message has been interpreted by the Freemasons of Spain as compatible with their own values, despite a long enmity between the Church’s ideals and those of the Freemasons.”


Personnel determines policy. “The fact that McCarrick may not be an isolated case leads us to think that the pontiff chooses or prefers people who have a past, and at least one skeleton in their closet. Who is more obedient and more faithful than men who are afraid? Is this a pope who governs, not with the Gospel, but rather with dossiers? “ https://onepeterfive.com/francis-embarrassing-friendships/

Watch his actions.

“Pope Francis has restored to office a man ultimately responsible for the distribution of condoms and abortifacient drugs, while removing from the office the man who tried to ensure that Malteser International remained faithful to Catholic teaching.

In the light of this, and of his decision not to confirm that he accepts Catholic teaching on the existence of intrinsically evil acts, it is reasonable to review other concerns regarding Pope Francis’s position on the morality of using contraceptive methods. The list below draws readers’ attention to important incidents of which we are aware; it is not intended to be exhaustive.”


CEASE AND DESIST. Orders given after the call for Wuerl to go. Let me clearly state it, with no fear of reprisal, all corrupted hierarchy it is time to go.

“What grieves him most is the trouble created for his superiors, he said. Goring said he loves his superiors, listing his general superior and the bishops, and noting the local  archbishop (Cardinal Daniel DiNardo).

“However, I feel I need to speak,” he said. “So, my question is, Pope Francis, Holy Father, do I have your permission to continue to comment on the situation in the Church?”


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