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Tried to overturn a criminal investigation. Francis is an enabler, at the very least.

“Earlier this month, the Associated Press uncovered a secret 2,000-page forensic study commissioned by Bergoglio in 2010 to study whether Grassi, a priest who worked at the Provolo Institute and founded a home for street children he is alleged to have abused, and who already had been convicted in secular courts and sentenced to 15 years in prison, was truly guilty. The report concluded that he was not and that the case did not merit a criminal trial. An appellate court upheld the conviction against the priest, but he has not been defrocked.”https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-sex-abuse-of-deaf-orphans-in-pope-francis-backyard

“Steven Lane indicated that some people close to Francis might find Saint Ignatius of Antioch rather rigid:

“St. Ignatius of Antioch’s rigidity:,” he tweeted, “‘For some are in the habit of carrying about the name [of Jesus Christ] in wicked guile, while yet they practice things unworthy of God, whom ye must flee as ye would wild beasts. For they are ravening dogs who bite secretly.’”

Lane also observed that St. Paul might be considered “rigid.”


Is Pope Francis committing murder with his insults? https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-again-condemns-rigid-christians-along-with-people-paid-to-give-bad-new

Does this include your remarks against those who question your leadership? “For Jesus, insults are a way of “killing” our brothers and sisters, Pope Francis said Wednesday, urging his hearers to commit to never insulting anyone.” https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/10/17/pope-francis-decries-insults-form-homicide/

“While it is true that Christ taught compassion and humility in all things including language, He also deployed forceful, “insulting” language on occasion to identify sin, from “you brood of vipers!” to “O faithless and perverse generation!”

Francis himself is no stranger to insults, so much so that in 2013 Catholic blogger Laurence England released “The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults,” an online collection of various epithets the Holy Father has fired at various targets over the years.

“Mr. and Mrs. Whiner,” “superficial Christian,” “sloth-diseased,” “climbers…attached to money,” “pretender,” and “cursed, criminal” “men who work war” “fomenter of coprophagia!” are just some of the examples in the lengthy, fully-sourced document.

One of the Pope’s all-time favorites is to denounce Catholics who love the traditions of their faith as “rigid.”

Others include “pepper-faced,” “liquid,” and “weak-hoped” Christians; “museum mummies” and “old maids”; and priests and seminarians who qualify as “vain,” “wheeler-dealers,” “little monsters,” and “smarmy idolaters.”


“This cross design is the Cruz de la Pastoral Juvenil Latinoamericana (http://www.pjlatinoamericana.org/simbolos.html). It is not an LGBT cross.

Via Google Translate:
“The Cross of the Latin American Youth Ministry carries with it the colors that represent the symbol of the PJ,
Therefore, each color represents each region within the Pastoral
Green: represents the Region Mexico and Central America
Yellow-orange: represents the Caribbean Region
Red: Represents the Andean Region
Blue: Represents the Southern Cone Region.
Likewise, the shape of the Cross is referred to the orientation of our continent.”

October 18, 2018



Actually my opposition to a free for all immigration policy involves compassion for the alien and love for my family. Could it be, that the Church stands to receive more money from governments for this stand? I also understand your desire to change the topic away from the massive massive crisis of which you are implicated.

“Pope Francis went on to say that opposition to immigration “finds its explanation in an innate fear of the ‘foreigner,’ a fear exacerbated by the wounds caused by the economic crisis, the unpreparedness of the local communities, and the inadequacy of many measures taken in an emergency atmosphere.” https://bigleaguepolitics.com/pope-francis-calls-on-catholics-to-show-their-support-of-migrants-and-join-global-solidarity-walk/


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