Pope Francis

Not just corrupt Church but corrupt politics. Chaos>fear>division >power

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Cardinal Bergoglio was not merely below the standard usually expected in a papal candidate; he represented, in his close contacts if not in his own personal conduct, a link to some of the most corrupt features of the South American Church.”

“He calls for silence, but why? The Viganò letter implicates Pope Francis in serious crimes against his people. Silence would serve him well.”

I want my Church back governed by true shepherds.

“Well, since we are being frank, let me say that a finer example of a disordered attachment could scarcely be found. Francis does not appear here as the successor of that Peter whose only mandate is to confess Christ and to safeguard the sacraments of the gospel, thus feeding the flock and strengthening his brethren. He appears rather as Jesus himself appeared – as one so vested with the Spirit as to take authority over scripture and tradition.”

The title is misleading. Trump is NOT defending the Pope. Merely making an observation.

“Trump refused to join the criticism of Pope Francis, saying: “The Pope is handling it, I guess, the best anyone can handle it. How is he going to handle it?” http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2018/09/05/trump-defends-pope-franciss-handling-of-the-abuse-crisis/

I give you solid charitable advice. Your papacy’s destroyed. You will be removed. The only question: how soft a landing? Take the plea deal while there is time.

“the recent claims made by former apostolic nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò against Pope Francis in the matter are only the beginning of a long record of sex abuse cover-ups by Pope Francis and Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio that stretches back decades.”