The Testimony

The information continues to pile up, all supporting Vigano’s claims, yet no investigation is announced. A 3 day bishop’s meeting has been postponed to February 2019.

Why is nothing happening, from the Hierarchical side. There is plenty happening on the secular side. The pope continues to forge ahead with willful ambiguity of doctrine which results in chaos and loss of faith, amongst those still left. Who supports the pope, who does he promote, and who does he crush that speak out against this half of century of nefarious behavior? Why has it taken so long for the Italian authorities to investigate multiple allegations of all sorts of heinous actions within the Vatican? What about Argentina which has ample evidence of child abuse under Pope Frances’ watch? Is the pope in the Vatican above the law? Is it cowardice of an abusive dictator?

What should be done about anyone who has abused the vulnerable, broken civil law, and hides behind secrecy while sending his minions out to silence the heartbroken?

HUGE $$. Where else will ecclesiastical leadership get the money to retain premium legal representation?

“Here’s the deal.  I’ve been thinking about this demolition thing.  It’s not just a matter of demolishing a church and then selling the property.

What happens is that scavenger experts come in and inventory all the beautiful architectural elements, all the carved stone, columns, decorations, etc.  These things can be taken out before the structure is brought down and then sold off separately for HUGE MONEY.” November 5, 2018

Oh puh-lease. The concern for victims is not driving this decision. First of many, many bankruptcies. “Archbishop Michael Byrnes announced Wednesday that mediation efforts that began in September led the church to bankruptcy. “This path will bring the greatest measure of justice to the greatest number of victims,” Byrnes said. “That’s the heart of what we’re doing.”

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