The Testimony

I ask myself, is the Archbishop credible, what is his reputation, where is his gain, are his statements supported in other contexts? I also ask these questions of you, Mr. Winters.

“National Catholic Reporter columnist Michael Sean Winters slammed Vigano as “a trafficker in conspiracy theories who mixes fact, fiction and venom to produce something explosive but also suspicious.” Winters also questioned whether Vigano actually cares about victims of sex abuse.

“Vigano is a disgruntled former employee. Such people are always a bit angry. They are also often a bit unreliable. He was always a crackpot,” the columnist wrote.”

“Archbishop Vigano’ asks for the Pope’s abdication, together with the resignation of:

Cardinal Wuerl

Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Cupich

Cardinal Coccopalmerio

Archbishop Paglia

Cardinal Bertone”

Right on time. Did the talking points go out at 4 am?

Faithful Catholics do not listen to these opinions. They are the Catholic MSMs.

Pope Francis resign or be deposed.

Is the ambassador speaking in hyperbole?

“Speaking to Catholic News Agency (CNA), Lantheaume is declaring, “Viganò said the truth. That’s all.”

On Facebook, however, he went into greater detail, asserting, “[The testimony] says the whole truth. I am a witness. The nuncio Viganò is the most honest Prelate that I know in the Vatican.”

He cautions, “These may be the last lines I write… if I am found chopped up by a chainsaw and my body sunk in concrete, the police and the hacks will say that we have to consider the hypothesis of suicide!!!”

Of course he has documentation. The choice remains. Do we CHOSE to know?

“Archbishop Viganò has also released supporting documents to prove his innocence.”

I predict BXVI will become more prominent in the purification of the Church.

“If true, the Pope Emeritus’ confirmation that he knew about McCarrick and sought to punish him lends strong weight to the claim that Pope Francis knew about McCarrick’s abuse but permitted him to act freely as an emissary of the Holy See and as a “kingmaker” for bishop and curial appointments in the Francis papacy.”

Pope Francis knew. Resign. “In fact, says Vigano, the Roman curia has known about McCarrick since the year 2000, but McCarrick was protected by gay supporters honeycombed throughout the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI ordered McCarrick out of public ministry in 2009 or 2010, but McCarrick, abetted by powerful gay allies in the Curia, defied Benedict.”

Ahh yes, the now infamous Papal Foundation. Follow the $$.

“Is that “distinguished Italian gentleman” Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, then the Vatican secretary of state, fingered by Vigano as a promoter of gay bishops and cardinals, as well as the figure who protected McCarrick in the Curia? Last year, it emerged that Bertone was at the heart of a case in which $500,000 was diverted from a papal charity to renovate his luxury penthouse. The money was intended for a Rome children’s hospital supported by the charity. It was taken from the Papal Foundation, a powerful charity co-founded in 1988 by none other than the ambitious Archbishop of Newark, Theodore McCarrick.”

The mode of operandi is painfully obvious to me. Thank you Trumpster for educating me on the MSMs tactics. I am in a secure position to discern truth from propaganda.

“While the Pope evaded a direct answer, a robust response was published by Andrea Torinelli in the Italian newspaper La Stampa. Torinelli is a Vaticanist and helps the paper run the Vatican Insider website. His attack on Viganò’s testimony is as close as we are likely to get to an immediate rejoinder from the Vatican. And it is a piece of work.

Torinelli begins with painting Pope Francis as the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy:”

Who clipped the video? Who had access and technological knowledge?

“From the Vigano testimony, this account of an event on June 21, 2013:

The next day the audience with Pope Francis took place. After his address, which was partly read and partly delivered off the cuff, the Pope wished to greet all the nuncios one by one. In single file, I remember that I was among the last. When it was my turn, I just had time to say to him, “I am the Nuncio to the United States.” He immediately assailed me with a tone of reproach, using these words: “The Bishops in the United States must not be ideologized! They must be shepherds!” Of course I was not in a position to ask for explanations about the meaning of his words and the aggressive way in which he had upbraided me. I had in my hand a book in Portuguese that Cardinal O’Malley had sent me for the Pope a few days earlier, telling me “so he could go over his Portuguese before going to Rio for World Youth Day.” I handed it to him immediately, and so freed myself from that extremely disconcerting and embarrassing situation.

The video clip above, from the Vatican’s television archives, records the moment.”

Smear the messenger. Where have I seen that before?

“In the words of the Curial official I spoke with this afternoon, what Viganò has reported “makes the Borgia popes look like saints.” The feeling in the Curia right now is that the response of Viganò’s enemies will to try to discredit him personally, both because of the impeccability of Viganò’s character and the impossibility of his having interpreted the facts incorrectly. Their only hope will be to try to take energy away from the perversion and corruption that he uncovered. They will likely state that he is a bitter man who is seeking personal aggrandizement after having been exiled from Rome. When this occurs, don’t buy into it. Viganò is retired. He has nothing personally to gain from this.”

Why doesn’t this highly placed unnamed source  go on record? Like heroic Abp Viglinao?

“A highly placed Vatican source told LifeSiteNews that Cardinal Gerhard Müller, together with his much-experienced three CDF priests, was dismissed by Pope Francis because they all had tried to follow loyally the Church’s standing rules concerning abusive clergymen.”


Wimps, go on record.

“It was Francis himself, the source said, who made sure that a homosexual secretary of his friend Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio would obtain a privileged apartment in the Vatican. “

Scapegoating used to be effective before the Internet, and I must add, Trump.

“The next point is that scapegoating is one of the most effective ways powerful insiders deflect attention from their own crimes and cover-ups to focus people’s anger on gays—or the closet, or clericalism, or celibacy, or Vatican II, or the Catholic Church, or the patriarchy, or whatever.”

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