Eucharist VIII

XVIII Conclusion Exhortation:

Recall recent conversation regarding two high school age men of their own volition seeking out and enjoying the Latin Mass. I found this inquiry fascinating as it points to the human need deep within one’s soul to worship God well. It takes a great amount of theological study and cynicism to dampen that voice.

Meagher will state, “Reason demands the worship of God but tells not the time, place or ceremonial- only divine revelation could determine these.”[1]

However, I cannot state with the same certainty that Fr. Meagher makes the Latin Mass as is celebrated today is the same Mass of Peter in all aspects. I lean more to the nuanced voice of Fr. Fortescue. That it matters is summed up by Dom Dix’s clear statement that changes in the shape of the liturgy directly, good or bad, effect society.

Groundswell of interest with the youth. St. Peter’s intercession liturgy much like today. Church doesn’t like to change. After Vatican II, only Roman Rite changed. This indicates that the demons are upset by the Roman Rite. 98% Church effected.

Mass of St. Peter= Rome center of universe, used it to spread apostolic outreach. Bound us altogether. Monolith major heart helps us stayed unified. Static language, Latin, reverse curse of Babel.

Languages changes every 40- 50 years constant. Nature of language.

Need stabilizing and unifying force.

Exorcists note unrest, anger, befuddlement. Latin unites.

Different languages were a punishment.

Liturgy is not for us to go in to get something. Rather we are giving to God.

Devotions, doing all sorts of things, bells rang then focus epiclesis, turn at offertory, open to eternal. Priest going to God and from God. What giving to God is the important part.

Sunday Mass in time for the Gospel. Obligation. Beauty of the Mass, offer thanksgiving, Bless be God, thankful to Him.


[1] Meagher, 34