Big Tech

“ The real fraud was a Hillary Clinton fawning supporter named Anthony Fauci who kept giving contradictory advice on a pandemic, and then blamed Trump for following his earlier advice.

The ugliest fraud was the college of pollsters who issued fake polls, day after day showing Trump could not win – and they used these as active voter suppression techniques.  Against you!

Trump’s pitch is that America needs to stand up to a different kind of fraud – the fraud of mass media manipulation.  We are in George Orwell territory.

You have seen it.  The MAGA-nation hats.  The wild crowds.  The automobile lines for 90 miles in Arizona, with stickers, signs, flags created organically just to show DJ support.

Going to the people’s elected representatives to stop them from certifying a fraud of unimaginable proportions, from the media and tech – that’s the story!”