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Social media is neither. Just say No.

“There’s no such thing as due process in this world. And once judgment has been rendered against you, the mob starts combing through your past, looking for similar transgressions that might have been missed at the time. I was now told that I’d been creating a toxic environment for years at my workplace; that I’d been making the space around me unsafe through microaggressions and macroaggressions alike.

Social justice is a surveillance culture, a snitch culture. The constant vigilance on the part of my colleagues and friends did me in. “


Nothing is free. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

FBN Really? Ego casting is bad? Just say No.

CIA AGENTS are still chuckling to themselves about how Mark Zuckerberg actually thinks he created Facebook.

Zuckerberg is credited as devising the social media site, and believes he did it without being covertly manipulated by the secret services, who would obviously have no interest in such a mass communication tool.

CIA Agent Tom Booker said: “I mean come on, I’ve got shoes older than him and he thinks he invented this incredibly huge communication system and spying tool.”



Is it a stretch to wonder if the CIA funded Facebook? Would it be more surprising if the CIA didn’t?

“Is involvement with the CIA good for business? A connection to the CIA can be a slight disadvantage for companies when doing business overseas, particularly in China or the Middle East, where people are leery of the affiliation with the intelligence agency.”

FB & CIA Front company for CIA. Get your popcorn & beverage of choice.

“In 1999, the CIA created its own venture capital investment firm, In-Q-Tel, to fund promising start-ups that might create technologies useful for intelligence agencies. But the inspiration for In-Q-Tel came earlier, when the Pentagon set up its own private sector outfit.” https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/how-the-cia-made-google-e836451a959e

“Facebook’s former company President and Napster co-founder, Sean Parker, claimed in an interview that Facebook was “exploiting” human psychology. Parker discussed the possible negative psychological effects of social media in an interview with Axios. Parker, the Founder and Chair of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, spoke at an Axios event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where he discussed social media. Parker described himself as  “something of a conscientious objector” to social media in general.”


“On Tuesday the Tampa Bay Times reported that Caldwell’s ad had been blocked on Facebook, which included blocking news that the NRA had endorsed Caldwell for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.”

Just say No.

“Facebook shares dropped nearly 20 percent, a day after its quarterly revenue missed expectations. Global daily active users, a key metric for the social media giant, also disappointed investors. Additionally, Facebook said it expects its revenue growth rates to slow down from last year. Facebook’s earnings per share, however, topped Wall Street estimates.”


Losing old users too. #JustSayNo

“Facebook stock slid 24% Wednesday after disappointing quarterly results.

The controversial social media giant is losing new users.”


Who knew? Just say No.

“It turns out spying on your users, forcing crappy left-wing propaganda into people’s timelines and eliminating 93% of conservative content isn’t a winning strategy for a ‘social media’ company.” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/07/facebook-death-spiral-fb-loses-over-120-billion-market-value-biggest-one-day-loss-in-history/

Lost is an understatement. MAGA

“Facebook is doing this for a second reason, and that is they’re already beginning to set the table, make excuses for Democrats losing the next election. “

Instagram is owned by FB. Nothing is ‘free’. Just say No. Other social platforms are coming. Real.video Stay tuned.

“The Wall Street Journal revealed that the social network has been asking major banks to “share detailed financial information about their customers, including card transactions and checking account balances, as part of an effort to offer new services to users.”