Google News

“The dark, ugly truth about Google is oozing out

It’s up to Republicans in Washington to save Americans’ long-cherished values, like personal privacy, as well as institutions like freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, but time is short and will is lacking.

In fact, most GOP members of the House and Senate don’t even realize the country is facing such an existential threat from a weapon of mass delusion, subsidized by government, given special privileges by government and not being held accountable to rampant anti-trust provisions of existing law.

I’m talking about Google, the re-created Tower of Babel that is destroying the foundations of American society while cashing in as an unrestrained monopoly.”

“PJ Media’s Paula Bolyard’s recent study on the issue of Google bias suggests it’s the latter. Bolyard found that of the first 100 results provided by Google for “Trump news,” nearly all were from left-leaning outlets.”