“Ford will sink $4 billion into its new company from this year until 2023, though that includes the $1 billion it had already set aside for Argo AI, the self-driving startup it snapped up in 2017. It sounds like the automaker is open to partnerships and investors, though, since the new LLC is structured to take on third party investments.”

Video FYI California’s Straw Ban Is Based On A 9-Year-Old’s Research And Won’t Help The Environment

“Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz in West Germany) recently announced that he is building a new, uncensored social media platform in opposition to more “mainstream” platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

“It’s true and it’s going to be great,” he told True Pundit. “Make Social Media Great Again.”

Isn’t it past due to have rigorous scientific research?

“Those vehicles that feature cuddly images like a new leaf and righteously proclaim themselves to be “flex fuel vehicles” are actually aggravating some people’s respiratory problems, far more than gasoline powered vehicles.”

What time did the [memo] get sent? 4 am?

Since the election The Gateway Pundit found from traffic analysis that Facebook has eliminated 93% of traffic to top conservative websites.

** Twitter is shadowbanning and censoring conservative lawmakers and conservative publishers.

** Wikipedia is controlled by far left editors who are regularly accused of liberal bias.”