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Not one more penny to the Vatican. Not. One.

“Despite the moral certainty of certain Catholic agencies, not everyone is persuaded of the accuracy of the IPCC’s climate predictions.

Last week, celebrated atmospheric physicist and MIT professor emeritus Richard Lindzen, stated that current climate projections are not only deeply flawed, but also ideologically driven.”

“The US Supreme Court has decided to hear a case on whether users can challenge social media companies on free speech grounds.”

“Why are huge tech companies seemingly exempt from the rules that older corporations must follow? First, their CEOs wisely cultivate the image of hipsters. The public sees them more as aging teenagers in T-shirts, turtlenecks, and flip-flops than as updated versions of J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, or other robber barons of the past. Second, the tech industry’s hierarchy is politically progressive.”

“With Lawnee, there are no lawn bags to empty. There is no pushing to get the device started. Once installed, it really is truly automated. It works by cutting a millimeter or so of grass every day, leaving it in the grass bed. The device can even run in the rain, although the owner’s manual recommends not cutting the grass if it’s especially wet.

The only thing I’ve ever needed to do with Lawnee in command of my yard is rake leaves or occasionally pick up the plums that drop from my tree. A couple times I’ve forgotten this step, and I’ve been impressed that Lawnee continues right over the plums despite the obstacles (not recommended, unless you like cleaning plums from Automower tires).”

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