“China’s capital city has given the green light to German auto maker Daimler AG to test self-driving cars on real roads, making it the first international car maker to be granted such a license in Beijing, the company said on Friday.”

Exactly right. Critical thinking which involves a deep understanding of humanity and scientific knowledge is needed. Fides et Ratio

“like any other humans, scientists and doctors are, well, human. They can be misguided, confused, corrupt, and stubbornly opinionated. That is why it is important to ask questions and really dig deep when your doctor recommends medications, surgery, or treatment. If this upsets your doctor, it is all the more important to press further.”

“Along with renting through the app, Lime will cobrand the scooters with Uber; basically, you’ll see Uber stickers on them now. Uber carried out a similar strategy with Jump’s electric bicycles before buying that companyearlier this year.”