A New Man- Set the Captives Free VI

St. Blaise[1] = Saint Blaise is believed to begin as a healer then, eventually, became a “physician of souls.” He then retired to a cave, where he remained in prayer. People often turned to Saint Blaise for healing miracles.

In 316, the governor of Cappadocia and of Lesser Armenia, Agricola, arrested then-bishop Blaise for being a Christian. On their way to the jail, a woman set her only son, who was chocking to death on a fish bone, at his feet.

Blaise cured the child, and though Agricola was amazed, he could not get Blaise to renounce his faith. Therefore, Agricola beat Blaise with a stick and tore at his flesh with iron combs before beheading him.

In another tale, Blaise was being led to the prison in Sebastea, and on the way came across a poor old woman whose pig had been stolen by a wolf. Blaise commanded the wolf return the pig, which it did -alive and uninjured – to the amazement of all.

When he reached Sebastea, the woman came to him and brought two fine wax candles in an attempt to dispel the gloom of his darkened cell.

Blaise curing people, raising people to dead, whipped, dark cell, flesh torn off with iron combs

Christ what easy to say get up or sins forgiven. Man’s ability to learn sciences and healing arts do not seem miraculous. Heal lepers give antibiotics. Maybe JC advanced in sciences.

People saved from science that prior would be miraculous. We become lazy. Man can heal without faith. Pandemic Church succumbed to this too. Methods of science within interior for fear of being superstitious. In a period, worship of science & technology consume us. We have quit allowing the church be the measurement.

Fides et Ratio sounds like faith & reason same level of appropriation of Truth. Faith/theology is benevolent Queen of sciences. Theology gives the telos of science. Heresy science/ratio is Truth. Christ precedes in everything. Faith seeking understanding Anselm. I learned magician trick, no wonderment. Lord precede welcome good and faithful servant. Worship science become a slave to it. God envisions us free as He is. Choose your God prudently

[1] https://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=28  accessed January 14, 2021