Christ Our King- Conquest, Liberation & Restoration III

III. Duties of King in SS, David par excellence for comparison (Solomon wisdom)

  1. Anointed= Greek Christus (David 3x. JC 3x)

1.) 1 Samuel 16:13, David is anointed to become king of Israel, in the place of King Saul who had been rejected by God.2.) 2 Samuel 2:4, David is anointed to be king of Judah by the men of Judah.3.) 2 Samuel 5:3, David was anointed to be accepted as king as king of Israel by the elders of Israel.

  1. Battle Goliath 1 Sam 17:26; 1 Chron 18 those towns burned by the fire engaged in Satanism, murder of children, such as the ancient demon Baal

Kharem total warfare. Though banned after battle of Ai in period of Judges, it offers insights into righteous discipline.

Firm conviction of right & wrong is lost, hard to make a judgment. David is called for office. Given his commission from Yahweh. Someone embraces truth of his call is marvelous. Lukewarm vomited out.

  1. Rule with Justice & Mercy (Solomon, Bathsheba)
  2. Provides food for people (a sign of wise rule is necessities of life attained)
  3. Dynastic
  4. Place- kingdom, land, place ‘Return of the King’ LOTR saga

Ancillary Roles deriving authority from the office of the king

  1. Prime Minister Is 22 Keys, head of household function Pope
  2. Queen Mother Mary, tied directly to birth of the king, note the listing of Israel’s & Judah’s kings along with their mothers
  3. Christ (Anointed) the King
  4. Anointed 3x, Baptism, Transfiguration, Cross (David Samuel with family, Samuel Judah, Nathan all of Israel?)
  5. Battle Temptation in Desert, Agony in Garden = Liberation from Sin
  6. Rules, moral law, SS instances of courtroom proceeding, Beatitudes Magna Carta
  7. Food, first feeding of 5K, preceding the best provided is the Eucharist source & summit of the faith. Meal that heals. Centrality of Eucharist for Christendom. Church being suppressed in Europe France even in California. Hunger for Eucharist is rel. Famines not experienced before in America. Same as kingship.