Christ Our King- Conquest, Liberation & Restoration IV

Source & Summit of Faith is the Eucharist, the never-ending Lent, No Holy Week, No Easter, Sunday Mass hard to come by, entered into the tomb.

Found a different source and summit, Jesus Himself, spiritual communion, deeper walk with the Lord in profound poverty without the Sacrament.

Look beyond superficial meaning, depth behind. Sacrilegious Communions unbeknownst to the

people. How to make reparation? Periods of feasting and famine. Lord instructs in fasting. Disordered attachment in consumption. Deprivation makes days we can receive immensely more precious.

Japanese (over centuries) & Russian Church preserving the Faith without access to the Sacraments. Lord does not abandon His people. Our Lord is sufficient. Great hope. Confident Assurance, Our Lord will not deprive us of His Grace.