Christ Our King- Conquest, Liberation & Restoration V

  1. Death & Resurrection. Opens closed gates of heaven, ultimate decisive battle, sin and death defeated man’s ancient foes, a place is given, Heavenly Kingdom, we are given seats of authority, higher than A&E just over animals Eph 2:6, ‘Greater things than these you will do” Jn 14:12

These things that Jesus did = healed the sick, drove out demons, raised people from the dead, preached the kingdom, Good News. Jesus addressed to the 70 disciples

  1. Heavenly Kingdom = Restoration to dignity, more than A&E
  2. Baptism, Confirmation, imitation of JC we are anointed, not only children but heirs to the Kingdom (initiated into the threefold office of Christ who is priest, prophet, king)
  3. “Seated in heavenly places” authority to act on behalf of King, rule in our sphere of influence, authority derives from fidelity to the King in the order of grace

The Odyssey, Creed suffered, died, descend to hell, rose, ascended into heaven kingdom. Suffering recognize king. Engages battle, Odysseus into Hades, restore to kingdom, defeats the suitors, reign of peace with Penelope.

  1. Feast Day Pius XI 1925
  2. Quas primas (in the first) encyclical quotes Cyril of Alexandria Jesus’ kingship given to Him by the Father, not obtained by violence “Christ has dominion over all creatures, a dominion not seized by violence nor usurped, but by his essence and by nature.” Pius XI refers back to Leo XIII 1899 Annum sanctum where Leo ties the Kingship of Christ to devotion to the Sacred Heart. The feast day reminds Christians that their primary allegiance is to Christ and not temporal rulers. Lasting and true peace rests only under the Kingship of Christ. ‘My peace I give, not as the world gives peace’. Jn 14:27
  3. NO Last Sunday of Ordinary Time, EO Sunday before All Saint’s Day, last Sunday in October.