Civic Responsibilities- Under A Corrupt Leader and Rigged Power Structure I

Conversation is crucial in a divisive moment. Receive information do not shut out those disagree. give a person a place to speak. To be alive is a gift from God. Grace to my neighbors even if I disagree with them.

State my underlying premises:

  1. Trump Legitimate President[1]
  2. Demographics voted for Trump in historic numbers- blacks, Latinos, women, unions
  3. The loss was statistically impossible, consistent, across many states
  4. Many witnesses came forward at great personal cost to testify before election committees about fraud
  5. Therefore, by objective measurements Trump won 75-80 % of vote. Or 80-120M votes. Definition of a landslide.

[1]   accessed February 5, 2021 excellent written summary including legal evidence  accessed February 8, 20201 (120 minutes)  Accessed February 8, 2021 (16 minutes) accessed Febraury 10, 2021