Civic Responsibilities- Under A Corrupt Leader and Rigged Power Structure II

  1. Rigged Power Structure
  2. Media, complete censorship for alternative Covid and election news. Cannabis, vaccines, cancer treatments, autism, etc…
  3. Entertainment & sports deliberately alienating fans, hurting bottom line. Super Bowl & NBA finals ratings plummet?
  4. Legislatures- How many RINOS turned their backs on their constituents? Who do they really answer to? Do cheaters squeal on fellow cheaters? Do cheaters double down on what works for them?
  5. Judiciary- Did we see judges SOCTUS on down to local levels deliberately refusing to look at evidence or cases? Do they benefit from a rigged power system? Are there enough honest ones to risk the pushback on exposure? What happens to arrests by Ken Paxton on election fraud?

Sometimes seems unavoidable, looking at human history, human inclination, easy to be discouraged

Political, social power develops opens up avenues for corruption & wrongdoing. Money drives everything that goes on.

  1. Military, perhaps lone exception. Not Pentagon which is a political construct, but those in the rank and file. Are there enough honest ones who remember or even know what is in the oath to the Constitution? Constitutional Republic. Their oath is to the Constitution.

III. Suppositions

  1. Military, presuming there are enough, will not act until public opinion against Biden is around 80% (unverified source), otherwise perceived as a coup. How many Trump voters think military acting today would be a coup? Could there be only one chance to get this right? Acting prematurely including factoring in public opinion, is not good military strategy. Think of the Burma response. People like the term Burma.

At this point what can they do? Hard time supporting either candidate. Hard time with Trump’s tough guy aggressive, refusal to practice humility. Don’t doubt rigging, what kind of things can happen after inauguration. So many accepted Biden & Harris.  Watch Burma.

Another point of interest is AZ forensic audit.

  1. We need to stop looking for others to do our thinking and solve our problems. How many Trump voters still watch Pravda Press?
  2. Courage to speak the truth. How many Trump voters do not open mouths about Trump accomplishments for fear of ridicule? Where to we find courage?