Civic Responsibilities- Under A Corrupt Leader and Rigged Power Structure III

  1. Solutions
  2. Look to Banana Republics to see what the people do to survive. Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, China. Keep head down, eyes lowered, blend into crowd, work on improving social score/credit for employment promotions. Have that now with mask wearing, censorship, shunning. Except 75% of Americans do not want this. 80M (some reports have it as high as 100M) Americans say No. So, this is reason for hope.

Peace and release from worry is in spiritual life, heaven, New Kingdom to come. Free from these power structures. Beyond political ideology, down to earth, how to bring my faith into the situations.

Expand thinking beyond constructs given to us, mind of Christ, Armor of God.

  1. Form a new party. The Patriot Party has been disavowed by Trump (at this time 1/26/2021). This presupposes an honest election process.

Nationwide disenchantment of 2 party system, multiple elections, not cutting it anymore. Both parties corrupt. Machine in Washington DC, reputation talk like a high school drama, immature, selfish motivation. Learn how to be sly and corrupt to get to political stage. Devasting.