Civic Responsibilities- Under A Corrupt Leader and Rigged Power Structure IV

  1. Assuming old form of activism has some weight, visit, write letters, call (no emails) as for an independent audit of election systems. I am not optimistic of this approach but there are not many options.
  2. Do not give any money or time unless an independent election audit is completed, and the vote is secured. When solicited for funds clearly say No unless verifiable progress is made. Do not be complicit with fraud. When secret algorithms are used to count the votes, the fix is in, and voting legitimizes the sham. AZ is a ray of hope in this regard.
  3. Connect with voter integrity organizations in your state and locale. However, what can one really do if office holders are cheaters? How does one persuade cheater politicians and others who hold elected positions to act honestly?
  4. Perhaps, there is a window of opportunity with the impeachment of Trump. Let’s take this opportunity and use it.


  1. Impeachment Window of Opportunity? Digital Soldier & Citizen Journalist.
  2. Make a personal list of three items of things you really liked about Trump
  3. Make a personal list of three points of why you think the election was stolen
  4. Make a personal list of three points of why it matters to you that elections are fair

[elevator speech]

  1. When appropriate, share your thoughts.


  1. Prayer, Window of Grace? Full Armor of God.
  2. Unprecedented, Record numbers of people all over the world joined in heart felt prayer for Trump & USA. These people understood if this happens in USA, it can or has had in their homeland.
  3. Lord Promises to hear the cry of His people united in prayer
  4. Fasting and other penitential acts were sincerely undertaken.
  5. Faith is the Key to the Heart of God. Let us demonstrate a Faith that started as a mustard seed and grew into a large shrub.

Pray for leadership, country, world. Globalization in a positive, second coming of Jesus, might be part of Kingdom, Christ died for all of humanity. Pray for saving of the world. True King bring us to heaven.

This debacle so much more than an election. Global, republic, people, election. Election vehicle a to see sorry state of country and need for Christ. Hope does not come from bounty. Hope comes from a lack.

Reason people joined globally, if this election happens in America, it can happen there if it hasn’t already.