Civic Responsibilities- Under A Corrupt Leader and Rigged Power Structure V

  1. God permits suffering to draw a greater good from it. However, I like to point out, that 20th century had record number of martyrs over prior 19 centuries combined. Aren’t there enough seeds sown? How about welcoming the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart or the Great Harvest?

Battle good & evil already been won, believers invited in against principalities of darkness. Ownership and authority in the fight rather than against neighbors. Civil War heartbreaking as an option. No fear of death, free, don’t change heart by violence.

Options of the people. Needs not getting met, ignore for a time, does not go on forever. Genius of constitution solve peaceful by voting. But when vote is not fair to people, options are then reduced to violence after patience runs out.

  1. Put on the Full Armor of God. Read Sacred Scripture, shun immorality, teach children and grandchildren, find other souls to lead you to God. Great classic works. Interior Castle of the Confessions are classic because it teaches in every generation. Freedom in suffering and sorrow when hope is in eternal.

VII. Full Armor of God ESV Ephesians 6:10–18

Contextual Remarks.

  • Paul is author, some dispute. I take verse 1 face value. Paul may have written it will in prison at Rome a.d. 60 He employed an amanuensis, a literary assistant.

  • City of Ephesus very important city in western Asia minor (Turkey) due to it being at the intersection of major trade routes and access to the Aegean Sea via the Cayster River. It had a Roman Temple to Diana (Gk Artemis).

  • Ephesus was a center for evangelization by Paul for three years though later it would receive the warning given in Rev 2:1-7

Rev 2:1-7 They had preserved, good deeds, had discernment by testing those who claimed to be apostles and were not. However, they have forsaken the love they had at first. This is an admonition for those devout believers, to have authentic hearts.

  • Theological Theme- Since was Ephesus was a more mature community and devoid of the conflicts of younger churches, Paul could reflect in more depth on theological matters. One of the major themes was that the believer would understand the hope to which we are called, the glorious inheritance believers have, and the high goals the Church is called. Eph 1:18-22cf

It is a short book, and one worthy of a prayerful soak.

Remember first love, first allegiance is to Christ not a political candidate. 2 Great Commandments love our Lord whole self and our neighbor

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