Divinity of Christ: An Ignored Heresy II

IX Assertion of Jesus’ Divinity- Resurrection is the Proof: During his earthly ministry, Christ at various times asserted his divinity. A clear statement by Jesus in John 10:30 affirms “I and the Father are one.” Rising from the dead confirmed His claim of divinity while on earth. Dying a most ignoble death shows forth Christ’s love.  However, love cannot be compelled, free will is necessary on the part of both God and man. Man freely sinned in the garden and man can freely love through the grace of Christ by the working of the Holy Spirit.

X Mission of the Holy Spirit: “The eternal origin of the Holy Spirit is revealed in his mission through time.  The Spirit is sent to the apostles and to the Church both by the Father in the name of the Son, and by the Son in person, once he returned to the Father. The sending of the person of the Spirit after Jesus’ glorification reveals in its fullness the mystery of the Holy Trinity.”[1] The Church is formed and guided by the Holy Spirit. As the soul is to a natural body, so too is the Holy Spirit to the mystical body of Christ. Grace building on nature aspect. The mystical body of Christ and the Church are one as Saul discovered in Acts 9:4.

Cart before the horse. Church body of Christ, lost element of mystical body of Christ. More than being hands/feet. Deeper element. Holy Spirit vivifying element. Mystical body truly manifesting, does only will Holy Spirit. Cant say we are body of Christ then do what one wants. Holy Spirit makes truly present what is the mystical body.

Know them by their fruits. Patrick, Joseph, Our Lady. More than just a soup kitchen or any other good work. Need love. One can feed the body and starve the soul. Consumed with flesh to loss of the soul.

Resurrection is something ;’other’, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, asking for the empiricist, modernist will not ascent to this truth.

Lazarus- 1. rabbis 4 days in town impossible to raise. 2 raise Lazarus was Jesus’ death sentence. Hearts of those in power, He has to go in the most horrific of ways to destroy His credibility.

Resurrection is the definitive proof of Divinity, as if more prof=f was needed. Raising Lazarus, feeding thousands, calming the seas. Resurrection is other.

Jesus talking to Pharisees, impressed to tell him to walk, you will do greater things.

Medical technology seems to do more than our Lord. Knew in time, our Lord understand science and medicine what mattered Jesus healer of the soul. resurrection testament to the Holy Spirit, restore the soul to it. No one else can do this.

Ratzinger, ‘evolutionary leap’ for man.

            [1] Catechism of the Catholic Church §244.