Divinity of Christ: An Ignored Heresy III

XI What is the [mystical] Church? Catholics do not comprehend the reality of the Church. To them, church is something to be done, a check box to be ticked off rather than an ongoing embrace with Jesus. “The Church wishes to serve this single end that each person may be able to find Christ, in order that Christ may walk with each person.”[1] John Paul clearly states the Church’s unique mission is to provide an authentic encounter with Christ, who is both divine and man. Joseph Ratzinger, reflecting on Irenaeus, “The true Gospel is the one imparted by the Bishops, who received it in an uninterrupted line from the Apostles.”[2] Handing on the Gospel, in an unbroken line of teaching, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the firm foundation for belief. However, belief is often difficult.

Believe Church guided by Eternal Wisdom, no need for evolution of doctrine. Man has a capacity learns over time, come into deeper communion of doctrine, but it cannot evolve into something different than before. No evolution of doctrine.

Eternal Wisdom paradox of all time and no time. Eternity encompasses choice to create beings from matter with a lived time expanse. Man unlike angels, grow into his intellect.

Truth is truth. True for Adam must be true for a last human person. There will be a last person. Truth cannot change.  Very little willingness to ascent to reality of eternity.

Eternal truth has no substance. Modern world. Mystical body of Christ versus natural body of Christ. Most church leaders dispense with mystery. Jesus fed thousands due to generosity of the people.

Resurrection handed onto us. Jesus chose to appear to select people so as to preserve the aspect of freewill.

XII Apostolic Faith, tradere, the question for faith then becomes, following Ratzinger’s view, “Who is the trusted authority worth the risk of myself?” Again, one refers to the life of Christ, based on the testimony of the Apostles, on whom the Church rests with guidance from the Holy Spirit. Sacred Scripture is a reliable source of information concerning Christ. “Professor White, an eminent historian of Roman times chides New Testament critics for not realizing what invaluable historical resource the New Testament books are, especially in comparison with many of the sources for Roman history with which he must work.”[3] The historical life of Christ recorded in Scriptures can be trusted in the same way one trusts that Cicero existed. However, Christianity’s claim about Christ goes beyond his physical life to his physical resurrection.

Cicero, Horace, Virgil sometimes less historical record than the New Testament. No one claims Socrates is god.

Thomas Jefferson cutting out pats of Bible that he could not touch or taste. Moved beyond man’s animal rationalism.

Man can imagine future not there. Fiction of Jules Verne, 1984 Orwell, there must be a potential for a world to live in. odd thing. Jefferson so intellectual in many areas, refused to allow his imagination to consider.

Holy Spirit radical loving wisdom. See that gift given to us in Resurrection, proof of love for one who believes.

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