Divinity of Christ: An Ignored Heresy V

XIV Martyrs: A special class. The lives of the martyrs throughout the ages compel attention, witness= martyrs. As in the case of the Apostles, the martyrs gave up everything to follow the Lord. Martyrs have lived in every age and come from all walks of life. “The martyrs stir in us a profound trust because they give voice to what we already feel, and they declare what we would like to have the strength to express.”[1] They show that it is possible to commit to something in totality and they give us courage to follow Christ in less demanding circumstances.  If Paul Miki can suffer joyously during his brutal death, perhaps following the dictates of the Church in areas of sexual morality or other areas of human life are not as daunting.

Martyrs compels us to look, gives us courage, and we hope that we will not desert our Lord.

Flannery O Connor, “Could be a martyr if killed quick enough.”

Jefferson what does he do with the martyrs. This is something different, one’s neighbor standing up for truth.

Meditation 20 Egyptian Coptic Martyrs, in French, unveil the faces of men, kneeling before savages. Each faces show forth peace. An African, an Islamist gave opportunity to say prayer of Islam, Their faith is mine. Good thief story. Heroic virtue lived well, sufficient to endure.

Miracles discounted why wouldn’t a person be happy so beautiful. Isn’t it beautiful to think our Lord healed a crippling lifelong infirmity. Want to disbelieve that is one thing. What do you do with the martyr?

Same discounting of miracles. Prayed for them, then look for a natural explanation. Our Lord uses natural means.

Miracles sometimes spoke, sometimes made a mud paste, individualized encounter.

Paschal Miracle sign that Lord loves man, man loves in return. Individual love in the particular.

Martyrs, and miracles are individual testament for love to love.

Part of why we cant understand. That individual given a grace that we haven’t been given.

            [1] Ibid, §32.