Divinity of Christ: An Ignored Heresy VI

XV Conclusion: St. Patrick finding the Lord in the midst of suffering and exposure is because of his understanding of the Lord. Jesus Christ. St Joseph bore many trials with trust knowing the Divine origins of the Child. Joseph understanding of Jesus orgins helped sustain him through his sufferings. Our Lady, full of grace, pondered the working of her Lord in her heart. The God-Man, is worthy of obedience and trust. He alone gives joy to man. Catholics can confidently follow Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

XVI Practical Application

-St Joseph’s Litany https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/2348/documents/2020/3/Litany%20of%20St.%20Joseph.pdf

-Fr. Calloway book https://www.consecrationtostjoseph.org/index.html  https://www.shopmercy.org/consecration-to-st-joseph-the-wonders-of-our-spiritual-father.html?source=ctsj

-Confession of St. Patrick, enjoy both Corn beef and solid reflection

“For I was ignorant of the true God, and I was led to Ireland in captivity with so many thousands of men according to our deserts, because we withdrew from God, and we did not keep watch over His precepts, and we were not obedient to our priests, who kept admonishing our salvation and the Lord led down over us the wrath of His anger and dispersed us among the gentiles even as far as the furthest part of the land…”[1]

In Patrick’s captivity had time to pray, and a lack nothing left. Sometimes only see through absence.

Another excellent read for St. Patrick’s Day How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe by Thomas Cahill

Ireland still needs Christ!

Rome has fallen, obscure Christian monks copying Latin manuscripts. History astounding.

God so gracious, destroyers, the iconoclast, cancel culture mothering new. Destroying stained glass, statuary, prayer books, feast days, holy days destroyed. Cancel culture not new.

There will be somebody like the Irish will preserve the book, save the prayers, keep eye on the prize.

Church only mission develop lively relationship with Christ.

In modern times, Satan using obedience to foment disobedience. Tradere, mystical body of Christ vivified by the Holy Spirit versus Spirit of Vatican II. How can there be another Spirit than the one from Niceae, Ephesus, Trent?

Modern bishops demand obedience to their person and to their office. Bishops lose both.

Iconoclast tendency, Irish be the ones wisdom entrusted, Holy Spirit will raise up population who will defend Him. Surety this will be the case. Truth will win out. Lord wins, will we be part of it?

Or go the way most others do, content ourselves to our only little affairs.

Resurrection tangible proof of Our Lord Love & Divinity? Gospel, good news, why do people close their eyes and simply rejoice.

Astounding the creature can say No to the creator. It has a consequential effect.

Lie can chose without consequences.

Lie endless number of choices. Freedom of will depends on choosing the good which is One, mind of Christ.

  • Develop a lively relationship with the champions of our faith, the saints

Enjoy Easter, The joy of Lord!

[1] D.R. Howlett, The Confession of St. Patrick (Triumph Books, Liguori MO 1994) 46