Economic Freedom Basics: #adulting V

I was recently asked to comment on local governments response to Coronavirus. Higher taxes is the first thing politicians consider. As citizens, we must be on guard. Every increase in taxes, is taking money out of someone else’s pocket, which in turn limits that person’s economic freedom.

The cost of the lockdowns should be paid by those who caused it, not the taxpayer who seemed to have no choice. Higher taxes will limit economic growth and cause higher unemployment.

Everything is connected. Gas tax impacts all things relying on transportation.

Higher ups think citizens thinks we are dumb. Impervious to populace opinions if vote is not honest.

Practical Suggestions & Ideas

  1. Rule of law is critical to economic freedom. Local governments have incredible amounts of power and can surprisingly move quickly, when desired.
  2. Vote is all elections no matter how big or small.
  3. Be involved with the voting process: if one can be a poll worker or poll watcher that is great. Free elections are the cornerstone of protecting persons and their property. Caution against extending voting days & times.

Younger generation necessity to be involved. Wonder that this government we have ability to impact. Do not get discouraged> Don’t succumb to cynicism. Can’t fix a problem if don’t know there is a problem. A lot can be done.