Formation of Conscience- The Will of the Father II

  1. Epistemology 101: Preferences in matters of taste there are no dispute. De gustibus non est disputandum, or de gustibus non disputandum est

Decision to know. Intellect.

Trust source of data

Opinions based on facts or data

Opinions coupled with experience (words & deeds) > belief

Belief coupled with movement of the Spirit> knowledge, heart

Mysterious Leap of Faith BXVI, similar to a juror knowing something beyond a reasonable doubt. Reasonable varies to some extent between individuals mostly because of different experiences. 12 individuals look at the same presentation but can come to different conclusions.

Experiential something truly knows, person of trust must determine greatest line of attack. Area open to greatest compromise is in person of trust. How can we determine someone is worthy of trust? We want all people to be formed with the Will of the Father. Conscience is aligned with the father, Truth, Goodness, Beauty.