Formation of Conscience- The Will of the Father III

The turn to Jesus.

  1. The goal, why, telos of formation of conscience is to know that God is Our Father who really and truly wants us to be in a personal and living relationship with me. That the Father is good and wants what is best for me. I want to form my heart in such a way as to correspond to the Father’s. This is the reason for Jesus. He is the only way to the Father, not a preferred way.

Jesus clearly, concretely shows us what it is to be a son or daughter. Jesus to Phillip, “When you see Me you see the Father” Jn 14:9

St. Faustina enigmatic saying on the picture, Jesus I Trust (not love) in You. Trust the attribute A&E did not have. Trust You will lead me to understand the Will of The Father.

Moral compass is essential is skewed by modernist. Freedom, liberty definition of licentiousness. “Liberty, freedom to do what ought, choose the good.”

What government permits is a sad substitute for conscience.

  1. The how of formation is the natural and moral law. If we love, trust Jesus, we will do what he says. If formation of conscience is approached as a checklist or some type of accounting, we can quickly fall into any number of heresies. Pelagianism is one. Moral relativism is another. God’s Will pitted against His reason as in the Regensburg address BXVI highlighted is a third.

Analogy to EMS use of checklists. Makes best sense after extensive training and experience.

10 Commandments until pierce heart words on paper or rock. Three elements tightly bound curiosity, trust source, lived experience.

We want best case scenario. Formed conscience not just sufficient. Son & daughter of Himself. More than bare minimum.