Formation of Conscience- The Will of the Father IV

  1. First place to learn is Sacred Scripture. SS is a key component. Therese took the words of Holy Writ within the lens of a good Father condescending to a small child. Her premise was that God is Father, Who knows our weakness, and stupes down to help us because we cannot help ourselves. Need some good instruction. Look at the Book loving guidance of a God who is all powerful, all knowing, all good, enter into dialogue with us.

Angels infused knowledge accept or reject. 1/3 rejected. Man given 5 senses engage those sense to reach fulfillment. Live I an temporal setting within eternity. Invitation & gift. He inspired given at one time for all time. It will be relevant 1000 yrs from now.

Ex/ Iliad has not changed, but the reader changes over time.

Bible inspired unlike any other text, authentic dialogue loves me intensely to call Him Father.

Ex/ Gone through Bible as both student and educator. Jeff Cavins has a good instructional series. Essential chose good translations. Authentic word of God, not modern, not easy vernacular. Sincere engagement with Truth.

Don’t stop if get frustrated, engagement over time then they become part of ourselves. Read and meditate. Bible on shelf is of no use.

Bible written for a certain group of people, not a stand-alone, those who belong to the Father. Ecclesia, community, church. Bible speaks with its own voice. Not agenda driven.

Lacking in the source to be trusted. We have been so betrayed by so many trusted sources, even so-called teachers and textbooks. A generation does not know the truth and converts to modernism. Who is the bearer of truth or manipulating scripture to advance an agenda?

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