Formation of Conscience- The Will of the Father V

Who we should trust is a pivotal question.

  1. As a good Father, he gives us many ways to learn. Don’t we learn differently? He knows we need different ways at different times. Sometimes the teaching is through narrative, sometimes, it is liturgy, sometimes it is seeing others (saints), sometimes it is a checklist (pilots, ER personnel have these put it is not the only training). The checklists make sense with prior extensive training. Never meant to be a stand-alone. Good Confession list.


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VII Humility requires Authentic repentance is targeted and specific. It is highly effective to name our sins specificity rather a vague brush. Humility accept our clouded intellect & weakened will and expect to make mistakes. The harm is ignoring our mistakes which can become sin.

Like knowing a sour note, with good will the Lord will help us to know the sour notes in the order grace. Well-formed conscience is through the virtuous life and habitual use of Confession.

Reading good books stood the test of time, truthful encyclicals. Confession before voting. Due diligence for own soul. Rid sin, infused grace of Holy spirit.

VIII. How do we know if we have sinned? The Holy Spirit cannot contradict Himself. Truth is truth. If our thoughts, words or deeds contradict either Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition then we know there is a problem. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate your heart. Surround yourself with others who pursue an authentic relationship with the Lord. These holy souls are preoccupied with growing in a loving relationship with the Father and are less concerned about temporary temporal matters. These souls are not looking for a minimum standard to skate by on, they are not fence sitters. Rather they seek first the kingdom of God, and else is added unto them.

All else leads to public consequences, political duties public manifestations personal interior life. Foolish personal opinion but do other in society. No dichotomous life.