Formation of Conscience- The Will of the Father VI

Do in darkness brought to light. Lord is illumination, Revelation no need for suns or lamps, Our Lord is our Light. Listen to someone who says personally opposed. No courage of own convictions. Does not believe convictions that are truly good. Goodness not only good for the person. The desire to share the good news, joy of own salvation not the world.

  1. Personal actions have public consequences. Political duties include supporting those positions that are in keeping with our relationship with our Father. In this age of profound confusion, it is incumbent on Sara & I to list again what the Non-negotiables for a Christian are:

6 non-negotiables = always intrinsically evil (meaning that they “fundamentally conflict with the moral law and can never be performed under any circumstances”):

abortion (at any stage of life), euthanasia, assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and homosexual marriage.

Form Conscience easy time in society or according to will of the Father. Trust the Father and His desire for our best interest.

Father do I truly believe He is all good, loving, all knowing merciful? Tells me taking life of unborn child, ascent to His direction. Bear suffering with the sufferer.

Marriage procreative and unitive spouses together cannot separate. Marriage permitted birth control, license all manner of unitive relationships.

Who is our Truth? Do we believe God is all good? Take stand counter to modern licentiousness. Who will you trust? Savior or bend to the world. Hard decisions.

Illegal immigration, economic policy, health care, environment are important positions men of good will can disagree. These 6 non-negotiables are not in the same category. Reconquer this moment. Unborn and marriage defended. Must be fervently in prayer, fasting, begging the Lord for mercy. November does not stop. Primaries pick candidates closer to our lives. Local election. Incentivize, school board election. City councils people most proximate to our children.

  1. Websites of candidate and party platforms and or information of Biblical and Catechetical teaching:

Videos Fr. Altman Most excellent meditations for the Catholic Voter with catholic teaching on socialism. The most excellent and necessary meditations on obligations of Catholic person at this moment.

Priests for Life:  (National defense, Right to Life, Economy, healthcare, Border security, Religious Freedom)

Texas Alliance for Life Voter Guide

Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy

Texas Right to Life


Susan B Anthony List

LifeSiteNews (on fetal development and abortion)