Incarnation & The Holy Family: Cui bono? IV

  1. Holy in terms of perfectly in accord with God’s Will. Mother and father listen to Jesus’ response to their question and accept it. Mary choosing to ponder it within her heart, her inmost being, unfolding over time.

Jesus would have prepared Mary for standing under the foot of the cross.

  1. Accord with Divine Will is rooted in Serene Trust, Confidence, Love.

VII. Profound peace in the midst of loss, suffering, and death. It is this peace which the Lord gives and the world cannot take away is the bedrock of the confidence that Mary & Joseph had which is the antidote of fear.

VIII. Practical Suggestions of How to Foster a Home that mirrors/ reflects the Holy Family.

  • CCC # 2252 First responsibility to educate their children in the faith, prayer, and all of the virtues.

  • The Presentation & Finding in the Temple (Passover) clearly indicate J&M teaching Jesus Jewish piety.

  • CCC # 2253 Parents should respect and encourage their children’s vocations.

How much undo sorrow is brought into a family when parents live vicariously through their children? Student debt is one manifestation of this problem. Another is the laments heard while in old age when one wistfully reflects that parents did not approve. Of course, there is a moderation to rash youthful judgement. Prayer, discerning the voice of the Lord is critically important. Prayer and learn to discern voice of the Lord is vocation from God or a place of pride and status seeking.

Augustine, “Soul restless unto rest in you.” Massive crisis of faith. People did not instruct properly. Maybe on 4thgeneration of poorly catechized Catholics. Many people do not know what it means to discern a vocation. No awareness of recollection. No pause of why just accepted as right thing to do. Piety, filial obedience, right of affections order.

Blessed Mother deep abiding faith, peace she had guided her.