Incarnation & The Holy Family: Cui bono? V

  • CCC 2251 children owe parents respect, gratitude, just obedience, and assistance in old age. The steady and insistent march to euthanasia is picking up steam within our culture. I believe abortion is a much easier sin to counter in argument because a new innocent life is easier to defend. There is potential for work and societal contribution. With aged parents, who have lived out their years and are now draining resources and the inheritance, a harder case is presented. 10 Day Rule in TX, TX Catholic Council Bishops and Catholic hospitals have sided against the ruling.

Sr. Lucia las fight over the family. Must cling to Holy Family as a model. First pandemic bishops instructed priests not to give anointing to those dying. Versus Black Plague and monasteries sacrificed themselves in love those who are sick. Replace love with a TV screen. Not see family is the loving thing to do. Those with faith must be on high alert to do good. Separate by 6 ft is not loving but separating. Always better to hug, smile, caress the hand we are humans.

Euthanasia pity versus compassion. Pity terrible thing, compassion suffer with. Insidious terms must define be aware of terms.