Incarnation & The Holy Family: Cui bono? VII

  • No priest for one month, people can marry pg 11 NOT living together. Lord supply grace for a deficiency of a priest. Still need witnesses to exchange the vows. People doing as much as is possible under duress.

  • Family prayers on Sunday, invite the Lord to be with them, Act of Contrition pg 14 (2 or 3 in the midst), spiritual communion

  • Mother as First Catechist for First Confession& Holy Communion (Homeschooled memory fond recollection) pg 19

> He is living and He is entering me.

How tragic First Communion, Baptism is a photo op. Casually dismissed, a tick mark to get done. How many in Russia ended in Gulag because of the faith. Poverty of Spirit. True poverty light of Christ could not be extinguished in their heart.

  1. Feast Day- Sunday which falls within the Octave of Christmas. If there is no Sunday within the Octave, on Dec 30. Collect from EO Missal

-The special devotion commenced almost simultaneously in both Canada Montreal 1663 and France Paris 1674. This devotion spread throughout the world. 1893 Leo XIII approved feast for Canada, Benedict XV 1921 extended feast for entire Church.

“O Lord Jesus Christ, who being subject to Mary and Joseph, didst sanctify home life with ineffable virtues; grant that with the aid of both, we may be taught be the example of thy Holy Family, and attain to eternal fellowship with them.”

  1. All of the Universe benefits from the Holy Family as the Incarnation of Christ brought all of creation into right relationship to the Father. Just as the Fall brought disorder to all of Creation. So to, more wondrously, The Incarnation, Passion, and Resurrection restores order to Creation. This order is centered on our relationship (ekklesia) with Our heavenly Father born from His bosom before time began.

Athanasius observations of living the Faith under edict…. At times the people went ten or more years without a priest, Yet the families transmitted the Faith.

Understand primary educators of children are the parents. The Church cannot replace. Parents have abdicated role and see the death of the church handing on of the Faith. Relying on ‘experts’ can be fraught with a jaded and error prone world. Parents’ authority does not come expertise. The Lord equips the called.