Incarnation & The Holy Family: Cui bono? I

  1. Incarnation- The Fitting Foundation, the Holy Family. Our Lord in full humanity chose to be born within a Family so as to redeem families. Theological Axiom: “That not assumed is not redeemed”. Paraphrasing St. Gregory of Nazianzus response originally in 329-390 AD against Apollinarism heresy Jesus had a rational mind, to heal our sinful minds He had to have a thoroughly human mind of his own. This concept has been extrapolated to include all of our humanity which has been saved through Jesus’ atonement. Thus, we can say that the family itself was redeemed through the Incarnation. We benefit greatly for we are all of a family in need of salvation.

Sin is not part of humanity, part of fall, not how man created. Redemption from sin.

II. Definition of Holy Family[1] = By this name is known the grouping of the sublime community comprised of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother and her chaste spouse St. Joseph. It is often referred to as the Holy Family of Nazareth as well. Since the individuals involved in this happy consortium were of such dignity and holiness, the Holy Family has always been regarded by the Church as the exemplar and model for all Catholic families and, by extension, as the exemplar of all persons living in community, whether active or contemplative: the loving faith, obedience and providence of hard-working St. Joseph: the faith, love, obedience and strength of the Blessed Mother; the perfection of the Son of God made Man, Who submitted Himself in obedience to a human mother and a foster father. Thus, in the earthly trinity of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph can be found a perfect model of all virtues, both personal and social. But not only were they holy, saintly and virtuous, they also lived a human life like ours which makes it possible for us to seek to imitate them and their virtues.

Live in state of grace, living intimately with God. More aware of the grace, less tempted to sin. The Holy Family how concretely visible. Jesus in home, Mary full of Grace. Joseph lived with Mary and Jesus; God can amplify goodness within self.

[1] Catholic Encyclopedia, Peter Stravinskas, ed. (Our Sunday Visitor, Huntington, IN 1991) 474