Malachi Martin: A Persistent Voice from the Past, Part II

      The key themes of Windswept House are globalism vs nationalism, homosexual networks, masonic or satanic networks and the often intertwining of the two. The dire predictions and unfolding of the Third Secret of Fatima is directly tied to the disobedience of the Popes to Our Lady of Fatima to release the secret in 1960. Interestingly, another approved Marian apparition, Our Lady of Akita, 1973 also discloses a third secret. [1]Benedict XVI who having read Sr. Lucy’s writing of the third secret, will state that the Japanese vision is essentially the same as that of Fatima in 1917.[2][3]

            Fr. Malachi attributes the furtherance of the globalist agenda and modernists push within the Church to John Paul II not fully complying with the Fatamian mandate of a Russian Consecration and the betrayal of highly placed clergy. A critique of the John Paul papacy is a constant theme. The opinion that the pope was hemmed in by malefactors is presented especially as his health starts to wane. I have read reports and listened to the interview by James Grein, the boy molested repeatedly by McCarrick, which state the same thing about the Slavic Pope.[4]

            Another striking similarity between the book and the current papacy is the detailed orchestration to hound the Slavic Pope to resign. The club of unity at all costs in addition to language ambiguity is the weapon of choice for the coalition of cardinals set on John Paul’s removal. The cast of characters bears a strong resemblance to the Sankt Gallen Mafia, the C-9 (Francis’ inner circle of cardinal advisors), and the resignation of Benedict XVI.

            Homosexual networks existing within the Church are a constant theme. It is not merely that the men engage in acts contrary to their vows, Rather, it is a systematic web, where men are elevated to positions of authority so that their perversity can be realized and normalized. How eerily similar is this portrayal to Archbishop Vigano’s claims in his Testimony. [5]

            The oaths of masonic binding that the purported depraved churchmen took in 1963, according to Malachi, is the underlying grave sin that propels the outward signs of globalism, homosexual predation, and masonic influence. These outwards problems are a result of a profound evil. One resolved ending is the question, does someone of equal or higher ranking in the church undo these evil oaths?

            Though the book does not give a definitive climax, it does end on a note of hope with a clear love of Our Lady as Mediatrix of all Grace. Fr. Martin echoes Fatima that in the end the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. The path to triumph, however, is the mystery.

Homosexual Network

To be a priest in the Catholic Church certain norms of behavior are expected. Malachi Martin in Windswept Housedescribes that not only are men not simply failing in their celibate vows as one might expect in any endeavor where humanity is present, but rather their sodomy is part of a vast systemic network. This behavior leads to various sorts of illegality such as bribery, stealing from Church funds, extortion and murder.

The men participating in these proscribed acts are coordinated and in positions of power within the Church. Homo-predation would be an apt description of this behavior. Consider the following quote of the Slavic Pope to Cardinal Reinvernunft, “I have been particularly concerned with a number of reports sent to me privately about the spread of active homosexuality in North American seminaries and among the clergy at large.” [6]Another quote making the same point is as follows, “A full-blown portrait of clerical homosexuality and pedophilia seemingly run amok. A portrait of deep moral crisis.”[7]

Masonic or Satanic Networks

Masonic networks are synonymous with Satanism in the book. Though Fr. Martin is a highly trained theologian, to the layman, it would be hard to distinguish a difference in these two terms. Malachi Martin asserts there is a close tie between homosexual networks and masonic networks. Though not necessarily a one to one correspondence, nonetheless, there is an overlap of men involved. A telling quote, “Every ritual Satanist may be engaged in pedophilia. But not every pedophiliac belongs to a Satanist cult.”[8]

I became concerned about the Masonic influence in the Church when a high number of 33°masons voiced approval of Pope Francis. Some reporters put the estimates of positive approval by high ranking the Mason towards Pope Francis at over 60. The Church has written against the Masons more times than any other organization up to the prior head of the congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger.

Additionally, there has been a surge of occult interest, ritualized animal sacrifices along the southern border of the United States, and the death threats received by the currently in hiding Fr. Paul J. Kalchik of Chicago, IL are allstrikingly similar to the same events described in Windswept Hill.

Forced Papal Resignation

Another topic of overlap between the book and current Church affairs are the rumors swirling that Benedict XVI was forced to resign. Many intelligent people take note of the Sanct Gallen Mafia, the advisors surrounding the Argentinian Pontiff, and then speculate that the German Pontiff was forced out of office. Benedict XVI has never publicly voiced this opinion, but to some, why would he say he was blackmailed or forced out of office? Consider this quote from the book, “The last step- the use of the Common Mind of the Bishops to forge a canonically valid instrument to bring about the end of the papacy.”[9]The Common Mind can be thought of as the all important idea of unity which supposed exists within the bishops’ community.

It is an impossible position to prove definitively. That said Windswept Hillpurports to demonstrate how such blackmail might have occurred. Given the massive, massive crisis enveloping the Church, that which was thought unbelievable, becomes possible.


The last topic I will consider is Fr. Martin as an exorcist. Though the book Windswept Hilldoes not present exorcisms directly, this topic attaches to Martin’s personae and it is worthwhile considering. Arguably, Martin is best known for his 1975 book, Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Living Americans. Max von Sydow, who plays an exorcist in the movie, The Exorcist, says Fr. Martin inspired his character.

A severe criticism of Fr. Martin is his functioning as an exorcist either as a layman or as a priest not under the authority of the local bishop. According to Martin, he received permission to perform exorcisms directly from the Vatican in a three state area of the northeast US.[10]An exorcist must at all times and in every situation be under the direct responsibility of the local bishop.Even if as some claim, Fr. Martin never had his faculties officially removed, to my mind it seems highly questionable whether a local bishop would give such a sensitive position to a priest with dubious standing. If Fr. Martin acted outside the purview of the local bishop, he would be in serious error. It is possible to receive a directive straight from the Roman Pontiff. As the supreme authority in the Church, he could choose to dispense with the local bishop’s oversight. However, this would be a highly unusual move.

Yet, James Grein, the youth assaulted multiple times by McCarrick, will assert in his interview with Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon, that McCarrick had at least one corrupted exorcist in his diocese so as to keep tabs on his spiritual opposition. McCarrick’s rule corrupted the NJ and NY dioceses, which overlapped Malachi’s tenure. It is not such a stretch to speculate that if a sensitive area such as the office of exorcism was compromised. Perhaps, Fr. Martin would counter that people needed healing and as the local bishop was corrupted, he felt moved to assist souls.

And this, my colleagues, is where we are. A long dead voice, echoing from the past, revisited in circumstances that are almost to gruesome to consider. Truly, these are sad and treacherous times in which we live.


I have posted a separaterecording of Malachi Martin’s final interview. It is 2 hours long. If desired, you can speed up the playback speed. Approach with caution. Bell interviewing Malachi Martin last interview 1998 Sherley BurtonPublished on Mar 7, 2018

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