Rosary & Marian Apparitions 6



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National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wisconsin

Many names are French, lean of Bernadette and Therese’ of Lisieux. Always wanted to go to Lourdes though traveled to many times, have not visited Lourdes yet.

2 years after Our Lady visited Bernadette

Franklin, renamed Champion young woman from Belgium Adele Brise, not a sister but given permission by bishop to wear a habit.

A Lady appeared to her, “Why are you not fulfilling promise to evangelize the children?’

Lourdes & Champion Bishop called Wisconsin apparition bookend to Immaculate Conception.

Queen of Heaven title given to Sr. Brise.

2 apparitions do not define the dogma, private revelation, confirm the revelation the Church proposes that she was Immaculately Conceived and Bodily Assumed into Heaven

Lourdes had the miracle of the spring water

Fatima the miracle of the Sun witnessed by 70K+

Champion The area of the apparition preserved from a very devastating fire that engulfed acreage approx the size of Rhode Island the same night as the fire in Chicago. Chicago fire 300 people died, Wisconsin 3000 died

The bishops immediately believed her, built a chapel, started to teach, consecrated large swath of land to Our Lady.

Entire area consecrated to Our Lady a green emerald, all people and livestock saved surround by destruction of fire.

Apparition lived in silence, only 10 years ago proclaimed worthy of belief. Profundity. Heavenly, always something more to discover. 20 miles from the first mass celebrated Fr. Marquette inside hear of country.

St. Norbert Church consecrated to St. Joseph only statue of st. Joesph papally crowned.

Not proof, small grace, aids those faith not a cause for belief.

[Not discussed but given for reference]

IX. World Map of Virgin Mary apparitions, reference secular source

She met mere mortals with and without the Vatican’s approval. Detailed National Geographic


These maps, produced by National Geographic, show the geography of Marian visitations, in Europe and in the rest of the world.

  • Crosses show where the Virgin Mary appeared to a future saint.
  • Yellow dots mark visitations related by tradition (but not attested by the Vatican).
  • Blue dots denote more recent, but as yet unconfirmed apparitions.
  • Green dots signify visions approved as ‘worthy of faith’, but not supernatural.
  • Red dots mean a local bishop has ‘approved’ the apparition as genuine.
  • Larger red dots (for named apparitions) mark those that have also been recognized by the Vatican.

The divine is supernatural, but religion is very much of this world. The way people worship even has an impact on their physical surroundings. Here’s a telltale sign that you’re in Catholic country: chapels, shrines and grottoes dot the roadside. The latter are replicas of the cave in southern France where the Virgin Mary appeared to a local peasant girl in the early 19th century.

Those Marian apparitions themselves are another peculiar point of contact between faith and the world. Typically, they happen in times of crisis to young children from a humble background. They are often the only ones able to see the apparition. The visitations sometimes reoccur over a prolonged period. If the Virgin speaks to those who can observe her, it is to ask for a chapel or church to be built, to implore the faithful to be more devout, and/or to offer warnings for the future. Witnesses are often able to report in great detail on the dress and attributes of the apparition, but mostly there is no direct contact between the Virgin and the observers.