Voter Integrity: What’s in it for me? V

Do not become discouraged, looks like an incredible mess.

Do not lose hope. We get mindset poor me, country corrupt, can do something about, vote, participate, love neighbor speak beyond what ballot says.

Prayer 3x our Father’s on knees. Service to neighbor humble obedience to our God.

Awareness of who votes, how the vote is processed, start asking where does it go, keep custody of vote, awareness, help those fighting the legal battle, donate

Encourage, do not get discourage or defeated regardless of political spectrum, seems process beyond fixing, super crucial, even if candidate does not win, not end of the world, still can chose to love neighbor.

Do not convince anyone by shoving opinion down throat. How we comport ourselves the most important thing we can.

Pillars for economic prosperity. More obvious touchstone is communities are working well. Rule of law, right functioning, voting integrity.

After thoughts:

VIII What’s in it for me?

I propose that fixing a rigged voting system is the highest civic priority we face. The second issue is dark money, which we can discuss at a later date. Both voter integrity and dark money are intertwined. If reasonably fair elections are in place, illegalities clearly prosecuted then a critical component of economic prosperity is secured. There will be more money in your pocket.

VIII Initial Suggestions

  • talk about how important true elections are to all of us. Cheaters directly substantially affects all.

  • vote in person on election day

  • the more time and space (mail in ballots) your vote is traveling, the greater the opportunity for manipulation- early voting becomes very problematic of securing chain of custody. More days to vote, more days to cheat.

  • check to see if the ballots are consecutively prenumbered, preprinted as required by law

  • ask if there is strong chain of custody. Will guards be posted to guard the votes when workers and watchers are not present, as required by law?

  • ask your candidates will they legally contest an election if they have credible evidence of illegalities that can swing their election. Approx. 15K is needed for filing a lawsuit, will they retain that amount should the need arise? Candidates have email addresses, use them.

  • Encourage voting with those in your areas of influence. The greater the numbers of voting, the harder to flip. This is particularly difficult in areas where cheating has been left unchecked for many years. Cynicism, I get it.

  • Support mandamus $$, especially benchmark or landmark cases. Even if not in your locality, successfully prosecuting cheaters keeps the others on notice. A decidedly ripple effect.

  • Cheating with bonds occurs. 500M bonds is target rich. Citizens can file a lawsuit, do it. Unlike candidates who stand down, bonds taxpayers have standing.

IX Hardcore Suggestions Not just for General Elections, important for primaries too

  • Election judge, get properly trained, follow the mandated state laws, call the secretary of state if unsure. Election judges generate chain of custody forms, which need signatures for safe & secure ballots.

  • Poll Watcher. Two organizations I can direct people. Thank the watchers when voting.

True Texas Elections Dr. Laura Pressley

Direct Action Texas

If you live in Smith County and are interested in poll watching or central count watching, please email Jim Speiran, Smith County Republican Precinct Chair to get signed up for training!   If you live in any other Texas county, click this link to sign up on the Republican Party of Texas website!

  • Prayer, a proposal of 3x Our Fathers, kneeling if possible. The task of overhaul is overwhelming. With God all things are possible. Without Him, impossible, as is clear for those who can see.

  • State Attorney General Ken Paxton (ironically who stymied prosecution and is under investigation) follow up

  • laws must be rigorously followed

  • do the numbers match up? In a well working process, the answer should be straight forward. The more cheating present, the more confused the process becomes. How do we, the effected citizen know? How can we see? Transparency.

  • Reagan, ‘Sunshine the best disinfectant’.

X What happens when the boss is gone for a substantial period of time? What happens with the employees? Does not chaos inevitably result. Successful business have periodic reviews to determine if metrics are met. This is oversight, transparency, common sense.

XI Voter Integrity, means more than being registered, determining the best candidate, and voting. It means, as it always has, as Stalin rightly noted a 100 years ago, what is extraordinarily important is this- who will count the votes, and how.” Citizens must set a better moral culture in which our public servants operate.