Minimalism in art and Minimalism in morality

I confess—I have come to see the connections between minimalism in art and minimalism in morality, between minimalism in our appreciation of the sexes and minimalism in our sense of the fatherhood of God, and between all forms of minimalism, that is, modernism, and the scrubbing-out of vast fields of learning and beauty; between the priest who scorns what our Lord Himself says about fornication because what He says is supposedly old and time-bound and the student who scorns reading Chaucer, or even Dickens, for the same reasons.

I have read too much, I have beheld too much, I have heard and sung too much. I am a restorationist. I am like someone who knows there are riches around a corner, and I want everyone to come and see. I can’t help it anymore. The experience of beauty is alcoholic. It gladdens my heart.