Glimpses of the Union with God III

III. Dangers of New Age and False Spirituality, a warning

  1. Article of faith is that Satan can masquerade as light or illumination
  2. Humans have both darkness from sin & ignorance which effects the intellect
  3. Spiritual director and the perennial wisdom of the Magisterium are critical
  4. Jo+ Spiritual Counsel #10 The one who aspires to perfection should use three precautions to be delivered from the devil, one’s second enemy. (world is first) It should be noted that among the many wiles of the devil for deceiving spiritual persona, the most common is deceiving them under the appearance of good rather than of evil.[1]

Corruption of compassion, interior generosity to lock down world. Grandparents died lonely from medical mistreatment.

Look on iPad as good as being there.

How incredible, any point of history.

Man does evil easily manipulated with it. Every instinct.

No one wants to grandma, a good, driver to destroy relationship.

Deception of goodness.

  1. Recognize the fruit, does it produce peace, tranquility, joy, love of God and charity towards neighbor?

Some fruit is poisonous, not all fruit good for human person.

Mushrooms, need knowledge to know if they are good. One could lead to health, the other to death.

Garden, naïve think anything appearance of good must be good.

Fall corrupted the earth as well.

First enemy is the world, need to have discernment. Guard up.

Good fruit cannot come from a tree fed with polluted water. Are the actions or beliefs in conformity with the deposit of Faith? The good we do redounds to both here and eternity.

[1] Kieran Kavanaugh, O.C.D. & Otilio Rodriguez, O.C.D.,  The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross (Washington D.C.: ICS Publications)  722

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