Glimpses of the Union with God VII

And she rests in delight,

Laying her neck

  1. The “neck” refers to the soul’s strength by means of which, as we said, is effected this union with her Bridegroom. She would be unable to endure so intimate an embrace if she were not now very strong. And because the soul labored by means of this strength, practiced the virtues, and conquered, it is right that with the strength by which she struggled and conquered she rest, laying her neck

On the gentle arms of her Beloved

  1. To reclaim her neck on the arms of God is to have her strength, or better, her weakness, now united to the strength of God for the arms of God signify God’s strength.[1]

God sees me as He created to be, fulfilled by Him. We dont see things clearly. He made us to receive His love, we are not small and insignificant. True understanding of ourself when we understand God.

Proverbs are a spiritual counsels

Exhortations from the Spiritual Counsels

Goal for every devout Christian

Written for nuns influenced by ToA personally who are ardent in their embrace of the spiritual journey.

The nuns wanted to reach poverty of spirit, union with God, and the peaceful comfort of the Holy Spirit in a short time. Love has little use for the delay.[2]

Special Counsels: Degrees of Perfection

#2. Endeavor to remain in the presence of God, either real, imaginative, or unitive insofar as is permitted by your works.[3]

For Catholics, real means Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament, imagination, or grace

It is a mercy, only place where He is physically privilege. Confirmed b y so many miracles. Work hard to doubt it. Ignorance aside. Work hard to deny it.

Shroud of Turin a moving image bursting forth. Big Bang, visualize somehow. Not a real presence like Adoration or Holy Communion.

Perhaps this generation needs this now, mode of the receiver.

Anselm: Faith seeking understanding.

Radical skepticism, not a point of faith. Skepticism seeking proof.

Person believing God is there versus someone with malicious intent seeking a demonstrating of proof.

God articulate to speak to mind of skeptic. Plant the seeds, labor 100F, there is joy, know, loved and served, joy.

People steal or despise the fruit, cannot arrive at satisfaction.

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