Glimpses of the Union with God VIII


Wife, mother, worker, personal thing for each individual person

Unite labors to God, intentionally, God will be generous. Moment of joy end of labors given to you.

Engage in knowing, loving, serving Him brings to happiness.

John of the Cross despised by those of his brethren, greater suffering of betrayal and trust poured out on these men. Received love of God.

Impossible to show it comes about.

Through, with, in Him. Live this profoundly. Presence follows. Personal to each person.

State of life taken into account. The labor is in our states of life.

The Lord comes to us in the moments of life. Seasons are not permanent.

The circumstances are not a block. Intentionality important. Embrace the circumstances. Be in that moment. God only there.

Abandonment to Divine Providence. God is presence. In tuned to where you are, doing, closer to God.

Morrow, later neck of bride on arm of the Beloved, love casts out all fear. God wants us to live there. Embrace and share with Him.

Recollect frequently through the day, He would never abandon you. Looks different for everyone.

How else john of Cross live the betray live every moment with God. Similar to Paul.


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